Sunday, April 10, 2016

The 747 Had a Defibrillator Jolt For Four Unidentified

The Boeing 747-(8?), now has nine lives. For more unidentified orders were placed and one can assume it's from one customer who may have a penchant for freight. However, an unannounced caveat could suggest a commercial passenger intrigue holding some reservations for the imagination. The venerable 747-8 is out pacing Airbus in orders for the class of behemoth type orders during 2016. No A380's are yet told. The onset of the 777-9X is the death of the Euro Jumbo as the 747 seeks its own niche before customers stop looking for a way for making large frame money. 


The 747 has significantly tapped the freight genre for staying alive. So I will assume it was a freight order, as the A380 won't be a freight hauler loading space shuttle like freight consignments which goes to the Queen of the skies. A shock would be a passenger order for this type. But Boeing needs 747-8's like a glass of water is needed on the Sahara. Simile and metaphors alone can't revive the 747 program but every order from this point forward is a program shock to its heart. The A380 flat line is pending which is not a good sine wave for any program.