Monday, April 11, 2016

Meanwhile, A Downsized Airbus Will Stick A Potato In Its Shorts

Airbus is having a cold shower in the first quarter 2016. It booked only a net of 10 Orders.

Net ordered per Airbus Reporting:

Orders of note is the usual activity when upgrading already formerly placed classic orders and turning them into Neo orders having a net some gain of zero on the order book when making those types of order book upgrades. Otherwise, those order transactions occurred when transferring placed CEO orders and converting it to NEO orders. The first quarter 2016 single aisle order totals results in a net of -1.

The duo aisle class once again show a net increase of eleven A330's as a result of a customer upgrading its original order from a prior period of seven A330-300 CEO's and changing it into seven A330-800 NEO's. Thus affecting the order book for a net of zero gain within that order classification. In all, only a net eleven A330's were added to the Airbus book during 1st Q-2016.

A cancellation of two A380's were withdrawn from the Airbus order book and it added two on the same day. This transaction could be considered a book adjustment from changing customers in the build queue. It maybe the Air Austral deletion and Emirates addition 
netting zero.

Final Airbus book increase is Net 10!
Final Boeing book increase is net 122!

Perhaps Airbus is seeking out an oversize potato when expressing itself for second quarter 2016.