Wednesday, April 27, 2016

And the 400th Dreamliner goes to... (updated)

Boeing opens the envelope please and announces its 400th Dreamliner. A 787-9 to Etihad Scoot from Everett, WA Charleston,SC delivery center on April 26, 2016.  It all started in September 2011, and five years later the 787 has flooded the airways. Giving a clear perspective with the Airbus A350, it has only delivered about 20 in over 15 months of production. Problems though harassing Airbus have slowed its delivery pace. It’s a supplier problem.

Boeing had supplier problems as well as technical issues almost stopping the 787 during its initial first two years of production. I am certain Airbus can resolve its issues as it does not indicate any technical problems. However, Qatar is upset over the Airbus A350 production woes stemming from suppliers and they may be all that is wrong as Qatar did not delve deeper into its displeasure of Airbus. It remains about 72 more A350's to go before it completes its order with Airbus. Qatar had 80 A350 ordered to start with as its largest A350 order holder.

Back to the 400th, it is a significant mid-term capstone for the 787 program where the 787 in numbers are flying everyday stealing a march into the marketplace with its advanced aircraft. The follow on effect could advance the MAX program with its customers as the 787 and 737 are a family of aircraft, which can progress an airlines staffing with the Boeing equipment. 

If the Max does perform as advertised when it enters into market, it will close the gap has over Boeing in the single aisle market. Boeing got to four hundred 787 delivered, and it will go to five hundred in play shortly after the first of 2017. Where Airbus may have only fifty in service by 2017.