Saturday, March 5, 2016

Liberal Canada Claims A Dependent Status With American F-35.

Why buy the F-35 when USA's borders are adjacent to 90% of Canada's population? On October 1, 2015 the Liberal government claimed itself dependent on American Taxpayers who are paying for the F-35 program. They didn't want the 65 F-35's it had ordered, and prefers a token Fourth Generation Fighter Jet for its own Air Force. Why buy the F-35 when the US is next door, is a liberal sentiment. Let the US Taxpayers pay for our defense. The F-35 is an advanced strike aircraft, and after all who is Canada going to strike?

Canadian Air Force CF-18

Canada will pride itself living on the American Military Complex shadow welfare, by not buying the F-35, since it does not think it needs an advanced Strike capability after being luxuriously situated alongside its high priced neighbors. 

The Justin Trudeau government likes military welfare over warfare. It will eventually not have a competent Air Force that will even match Norway's level (F-35’s) of capability. Why buy the F-35 when our southern neighbors will have so many, and they will defend Canada with the last US dollar wrung from Taxpayers hands?

For every F-35 purchased your pilot has this $400,000 Helmet:

Can this get any uglier from a liberal government? Canada has always desired autonomy from the US sphere of influence, and they could get it soon. Its Zip code is in the Northern Hemisphere, but they have taken a Central American attitude knowing the US will come to its beck and call during any international incursion (A defense treaty with America is cheaper than one F-35). "Why buy the F-35", is the liberal battle cry? Canada would rather manage its Provincial Parks and resorts than defend itself with the next generation of warfighters. America will defend us anyways, calls out Trudeau, even if it gets really sticky. 

So don't buy the F-35 while Canada can enjoy its freedoms with the arm's length security America offers. However, Canada may make a $32.9 million (not sure if in Canadian Dollars) payment to the F-35 program as contracted, keeping alive the idea the F-35 is a possibility and just in case things get sticky by the end of 2016 for what the payment period covers. Russia is equipped well and China is rapidly closing the militarization gap with its fifth generation fighters. Where Canada is only one aerial tanker refueling away from these possible confrontations. But who would want to attack Canada's beautiful Provincial Park system? An F-35 is not needed,eh! 

Trudeau's Foreign Policy statement: "We have old junk (CF-18's) to defend Canada, having a standing TurboTax® software upgrades continuously piped in."

"Eh, what is a CF-18?", as called out from a concerned Hockey fan from far away Calgary? 

Trudeau Policy statement continues with: "It has two jet engines and stuff. It looks like the US version of the F/A-18 Hornet only dumbed down per US military request. It has a Maple leaf painted on the Tail, please look at your brochure for additional information and pictures, and thank you for the question"

Hockey fans replies, "We're good, eh?" 

Trudeau Closes: "Therefore, It's essentially the same Fighter the US will may "retire" after the F-35 becomes operational in greater numbers during the next five to ten years. 

However, with the equipment on hand, Canada could possibly defend itself from adversarial fifth generation fighters coming from China and Russia... maybe? 

When/If "they" attack our Provincial Parks, the US will be pleased to ask for use of our military airfields and defend us anyways. We don't need no stinking F-35 (throat clears), the US has us covered with this year's $32.9 million F-35 program payment."