Friday, March 4, 2016

Going Long Is the Much Forgotten 777-200LR

The press talks about everything other than the 777-200LR. More often it's the 777-300ER discussed by its capacity to hold passengers and the distance it will fly. The 777-200LR goes farther and is a much ignored type from all the headlines published about the A380 and 777-300ER. Below is the top ten longest routes and to many a surprise for the 777-200LR taking top honors in the top ten long distant flyers.

A quote from The Street:

"Must Read: Boeing 787-9 Enables United to Plan Longest Flight by a U.S. Carrier
At 8,446 miles, San Francisco-Singapore will be the longest 787 route in the world as well as the third-longest flight in the world and the longest scheduled flight by any U.S. carrier.
Boeing is flexing its diversity of Aircraft when the 787-9 comes out with the above mentioned route of 8,446 miles. More routes could follow populating the corners of the earth with trending Boeing aircraft going the distance.   
My trip of interest would be Dallas, TX to Hong Kong just because I would love to fly to Hong Kong on a 777-200LR.

Seating detailsSeat map key

PitchWidthSeating details
45 flat bed seats 
Main Cabin Extra36-3718.0-18.5
45 standard seats 
170 standard s

American Airlines Seat Chart From Dallas, TX 777-200LR V2 map

Airlines find the best aircraft for its business model in spite of the hype for other aircraft not listed.