Monday, March 21, 2016

F-35 Repairs Before IOC is Declared

  • Joint Program Office (JPO) and Lockheed programs synced 
  • Declaration Initial Operational Capability (IOC) scheduled for the August 1 to December 31, The AKA, The IOC Window 
  • Work on the latest version of the F-35’s logistics system, the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) version 2.0.2, could delay IOC by 45 to 60 days, 
  • Block 3i programing is reached, which the Air Force requires for IOC. 
  • Mission data files (MDF) implementation and testing of Block data for operational theatres where the F-35 is deployed
  • P & W engine software syncing with Air Force ALIS
  • Retrofitting F-35A for 9 G operations, 3 of 12 aircraft retrofit completed for the IOC flying tests where 12 are needed by August 1, 2016.