Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chicken Little Put on F-35 Oversite

Sputnik and Mina have taken to the oversight of everything problematic concerning the F-35. Examples of this type of journalism is twofold, one is  soliciting clicks for sensational rebukes of the F-35, the other comes from the river denial for anything US made is somehow inferior to Russian made. Sputnik reports about a Chinese hacker stealing F-35 secrets is a Chinese national hero.

Sputnik International: "Su Bin pled guilty to conspiring with others to break into the networks of Boeing and other American defense contractors in a federal court in Los Angeles, California. The hacking took place between October 2008 and March 2014, according to prosecutors." 

Hacking is a sketchy outcome. Even with the F-35 struggling with its ALIS system fixes clear to next year, the hackers have long since left the "terminal" mic drop (Bam). The F-35 is no longer your big brother's F-35 it has become more like your little brothers F-35. "He is still looking for the batteries not included" The Chinese could have stolen developmental and conceptual engineering data, but does not have concurrent data, which brings forward the F-35 lethality.

The Chinese version of stealth may incorporate design features of the F-35 in a Chinese looking F-35 knock-off. However, the things that make the F-35 scary is not its looks nor its Block I capabilities, but what follows-on in the mad science of the JSF. In 2015 many enhancements were added to the F-35. By 2014 "the Chinese" were caught with the F-35 hacks while it had not reached its full capability. Many proposals were still on the table in 2014. When hacking began in 2008 the F-35 had not found its soul or making the grade it so had desired. Hack away, hack away and hack away all, the F-35 was "the bomb". What was stolen isn't applicable with today's F-35. China go make your...

Chinese J-20 Stealth VTOL
J-20 Stealth Aircraft  

What China has learned is a conceptual purpose from the F-35, which has currently evolved beyond the relevant range of its own J-20 capability. The Chinese engineers have probably achieved a collective appreciation of how far they have to go, and by the time they get there the F-35 will have to go further forward causing some military angst. China needs hackers not in jail, but remaining on the front lines of intellectual theft. Getting caught does not make you a hero it makes you caught and in jail. Access denied! Concurrency confuses the Chinese as well as Lockheed.