Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is This A Misquote or am I missing Something?

Parsed out Quote from article:

"The group will add 100 Boeing 787 to its fleet at the end of 2015 and the first Airbus A350 in 2018. The aircraft will be equipped with completely new cabins."

The group is Air France/KLM group. Mary Kirby or somebody should help me on this one. AirFrance/KLM only have 25 787-9 on order at this time not a 100. Was this a Fruedian slip?

Here is the Link:

Air France Rolls Out Cabin Upgrades; Will Continue Across Partner Airlines

Something is coming from this massive investment in aircraft upgrades on all its massive fleets including 747's, 777, and 787's however many they will order, unless the 100 787's may have mentioned is in error. The article side slips to Delta shortly after the 100 787's mentioned.

"Delta President Ed Bastian said that the partnership with Air France is the most important collaboration Delta has. “Not only are we successful financially, but we're successful from a customer perspective,” he said, noting recent high rankings for the airline in Business Travel News."

Where Delta only has 18 787's ordered, which doesn't make it a hundred when combining 25 + 18 only =43, so what the article may reveal is something more important for the Air France/KLM group is something hanging on Boeing's order book is 75 more 787's yet to be ordered. I think its worth checking out. Freudian slip or mis-quote?