Monday, June 30, 2014

Desparates Times Call For Desparate Measures, The Airbus Decision

Airbus has gone to the Boeing play book. Taking older and formidable models and attempting to make it fly with customers. The 737 MAX and 777X are both Boeing examples of that play book.  The A350 is a dysfunctional family where only the A350-900 has gained general public acceptance and the A350-1000 has muted curiosity in the market place. The A350-800 is a no start at this time making an aborted take-off.

Dr. Leo Marvin on "What About Bob", movie, is quoted as saying, "Its a disaster Fay", screaming a quip to his wife during the airplane quality movie, making the passengers on board Laugh-Out-Load (lol first class)!

The answer is the 20 year old A330 NEO. Yes, another NEO. How many engine option does Airbus have to build its company on when you drop GE as a customer for the A330-NEO using only Rolls Royce. Perhaps the 787 should call itself the the 787-HO- HO! (Heavenly- Options, Happy Operations). It sounds like something out of Jeep is "Trail Rated 4x4". Then NEO or everything Airbus can cut an GE engine option out of the picture. Desperation is a odd motivational tool. Anything goes and hope something sticks. Airbus forgot one (several) major items in this nonsensical admission of 787 envy, and a A350 family counseling session, tt does not have the 787 tool box for its family chops of selling airplanes.

The Airbus has not achieved the technological  bench marks that Boeing has gained from 10 years or more of technological advancements that Boeing had gained. Boeing is currently parlaying those same gains into the 777X and 737 Max. What is Airbus proud of from the A350  erh (787) project?

  • Core electrical technology-No
  • Computer flight bag- haven't heard
  • Dynamic 787 like wings-no
  • Engines -yes spinning from 787 engine standards (sans GE as non option)
  • All Plastic body- Not going on anything NEO
  • Big windows-No
  • Plethora of customized seats, yes
Where is Airbus stumbling towards? Seriously the A350 family dysfunctionals is far worse than I could write about,  judging from this "Crazy Ivan" turn of Airbus direction. The A330-NEO proves the A350-Family as a whole is a hopeless failure. This is a face saving maneuver taken by Airbus to appease its customer base and attract growing upstart airlines who will make do with an A330-NEO. Airbus needs about another ten years to catch Boeing as it too continuously surges forward with the 787 core technology for all it family types such as the 737, 777, and 747. Where family members such as 8,9 and 10's will prosper further after the A330 NEO hype settles down somewhere near reality in the natural order of the market.

Airbus was quoted as saying, (paraphrased quote) The A330 NEO would compete favorably on most Trans Atlantic Routes. I turn on the parse-omatic machine and it tells me that the A330 could compete within the mega hub system of travel. This bodes well for upstarts airlines and hub centric airlines such as a Delta Airlines.

The 787 is a hub buster as exampled by Tui from England. By not flying directly from a dependent Heathrow departure, it goes directly to Can-Cun Mexico on a twin aisle 787 from Lanchaster, England. A far different business plan than a bread and butter commuter routes within an already established hub system, that was built upon specifications of older metal aircraft complying with range and flight duration specifications. The A330 NEO would be good lower cost replacement of equipment. As in itreplaces any airlines older equipment currently flying within the Hub's domain. The 737 Max is also a Hub server. The 777X is a hub jumper or hub server with greater range and passenger capacity. The A330 NEO fits in there somewhere, but is not revolutionary in its proposed nature. The 787 will stretch out its purpose beyond the A330. More passengers with A330 is a Hub server. More passenger on the 787-10 is a hub jumper. Direct service within the world without going through a major hub is the "New Airline Black", you know it as the bottom line. The new black for upstarts and hub reliant routes is for the A330 NEO. Hub busting airlines buy the 787 because of Geographic need, New Zealand, Jet Star and Arab States (and Japan). The older equipment fell short in its day, hence the new technology 787. Now Airbus proposes the A330 NEO from its A350 Failures. Not a good technology spin-off. The 787 will not just fly most Atlantic routes effectively, but fly all Transatlantic routes efficiently and effectively. The A330 NEo is an Admission of an A350 failure to launch.