Thursday, September 22, 2016

Common Customers Boeing 787 Beats the A-350 Soundly

Have you ever wondered why airlines split its fleet between makers within the same types? Winging It has, and a startling realization emerges where Boeing 787's common customers with the Airbus A-350 reveals an interesting image. The Boeing 787 beats the A-350 with over 100 more 787's ordered since both offered its wide body aircraft. Below is a "Winging It" unofficial chart demonstrating where the battle is being fought between the two aircraft framing giants.
Fig. 1

Above is a list of the mid-wide bodied aircraft serving customers in common. The pink shows an Airbus advantage over Boeing with that particular customer.  Boeing has a 2-1 customer advantage over Airbus common customers where they have documented fifteen customer having a greater fleet order than Airbus. The inverse for Airbus shows an advantage over Boeing having only seven customers with larger A-350 orders.

The actual count for the makers show Boeing with 652-787 orders in common with Airbus showing a total of 550-A350's. The market is divided by a 54% 46% split with customers in common. Boeing sold 102 more wide bodies than Airbus having customers in common. The gap with common customers for both giants may increase for Boeing if Emirates splits its order currently under consideration.