Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The DDG 1000, If It Works Build 10 More

A program long since chopped from 32 destroyers down to only three destroyers may come back. The first critical step before committing to a $40 billion dollar expenditure is making the first three and have it only work well before even considering follow-on ships. The first 32 ordered were just a flagrant moon shot coming from the wishful think tank commandos.

Hence it was chopped down to three as the Navy spent its chips on a new aircraft carrier (CVN 78), littoral combat ships, and a fleet renewal challenge for its Virginia class submarines. Too much taxpayer money is in play and something had to give. The DDG1000 family was the sacrificial lamb in this case while some other Navy programs were trimmed back as well.

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A Zumwalt redux, could be coming to Bath Iron Works by 2020 if its DDG1000 works as "good" as it looks. The military complex may realize it must build rail-gun platforms covering a naval pivot towards China's aspirations in the Far East region. The Lyndon Baines Johnson, known as DDG1002 will have a rail gun straight from the factory development environment going on its deck. When tests on board the DDG1002 are validated, then a congressional cash pivot towards building more of this class will be voted on as China's rising presence in the region begins to dominate Geopolitical influences. Places such as, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan would each need three of this type as a strong influence plying its waters.

The Navy is depending on the current production destroyer results on operational deployment, as it becomes the swing vote for building more of this type. The summary report would include a recommendation coming right after the meeting and exceeding all expectations statement:  “The Navy must buy more DDG1000's when possible”.