Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Emerging 757, Coming To The Dance ?

The long cancelled 757, a svelte and charming Boeing aircraft stopped production in 2005. There is a 757 market out there that would like new engines, navigation deck and maybe some plastic wings. Air Astana would like one or more copies and it plans on it too.

Boeing Advancing on Successor to 757 Jet, Air Astana Says

What is Boeing capable of since ten years ago?

Take the old plans, dimensions and systems.
Bring on Boeing's off-the-self 787 stuff, and replace the old design


  • New Fuel Efficient Engines, already done on-the -shelf per Boeing
  • New flight controls format already done on-the-shelf per Boeing
  • New wings, lets see what the wing people can do!
  • New light weight aluminum body. Apply!
  • Advanced systems technology, done and on-the-self Per Boeing
  • New passenger amenities ( new seat types 787 interiors) creates more space

A Hot Rods Final Delivery

The Max project would enhance the 757 project with roll-over technology to the 757 restart. What the 757 should keep is its main constructs with new and vastly improved stuff. The 757 was popular in its day, but did not have a make -over in its time, because there were not items yet on-the-shelf that could be applied to the aircraft. It would be too expensive then, to single out the 757 with an all-on effort, when Boeing needed to stem-out  any resurgent A330 NEO or A321 Neo line. Boeing had to take its steps on all new technology and beat Airbus. The dividend from that effort could be an all new 757 from the inside out. New wings would add to performance as much as new engines. A lighter weight 757 aircraft would kill the A321 Neo threat, applying its new lighter systems from the leasons learned Boeing cupboard. 

The next question is how fast could they build this newly designed 757? That could be done as a twin project with the Max, borrowing features that are installed on the Max and cross pollinating with the 757 re-emergence design. Under five years from today.

Would it be different than the Max? Yes, it would be different in its design features as a longer range single aisle aircraft, with a further bump to its flight technologies for extending range. It would look and feel different as it matches its purpose. So different it would require a name change,. My own suggestion, is a 757-GTX (Great Technology Expressed). That captures the mission and want from its customers. Bringing back this stiletto aircraft is a grand effort, fusing the old with the new where the fuel economy would be remarkable for under 200 passengers. An exclusive ride in a sports plane taking off. Its not a luxury blob in the skies, but a sleek and fashionable experience that is similar when riding in a Corvette on the ground. A Comfort centric ride going coast to coast with all others staring at its lines as it passes by from its power driven take-offs.

Boeing should make this an easily recognizable type that generates enthusiasm from the Concorde days, as it meshes body and wings in a statement of beauty.