Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Lurker Awards Top Five All Time Blogs

Below are the all time read blogs since its inception in November 2012. What readers viewed world-wide, during this period until this March 2014. This  listing by no means are the most articulated or grammatically correct, but represents just the raw impulse of a views or a repeated views. Over-all, it represents a divergent viewing of these Boeing topics over time.

All Time Lurkers Award Goes To :

"The 777X Project is Going Underground"

Sep 23, 2013, 

The second category is what's "Hot"  during the last 30 days.

 Top Five viewed "Winging It" Blogs  during the last thirty days.

Lurker Award goes to:

Is The A330 Blowing it Out Its Stern"


Mar 21, 2014, 

The last Lurker Award Goes in the category for: "Last Seven Days Extraneously Viewed In Rapid Succession Late at Night". Lurker Award For This Weeks Most Viewed Goes to : "Is The A330 is Blowing It Out Its Stern"


Mar 21, 2014, 

"777 Is Going Under Ground", leads most categories over time. From week to week and month to month, it remains in the top five viewed.

Thank You Lurker's, for your faithful patience on this blog, where I strive to bring forward an alternate view on the Boeing progress of building aviation's innovations.