Monday, March 17, 2014

Flight MH370 A Purpose Driven Event That Extends Its Total Fuel Range

The actions recorded from monitoring points on the aircraft suggest a purpose driven take-over of the aircraft. I have mentioned before that the purpose is unknown but disturbing. The listing of what is known is disturbing because it flies away from conventional wisdom of a castistrosphic crash into the sea.

A linked update that concurs with this assessment

  1. The secrecy of  tracking systems off
  2. The low flight path evading radar fly technique
  3. The expertise of knowing how to make the aircraft go invisible
  4. The expertise of radar evasion
  5. The fuel range
All suggest a future WMD delivery system has been acquired. The collective governments of the world are nervous as the clock runs. The longer it remains a mystery the better it can be found. It is act of terrorism that is not done for a headline splash, that has occurred. A purpose driven event suggest a larger target in the future. The least known about its whereabouts is better in this case for the terrorist. One can imagine the 777-200ER has landed on acreage bulldozed out on some remote piece of land within its estimated flight corridor. The search and rescue members suggest two corridors both in opposite directions. The North West direction has too many eyes. The Southwesterly arch has too little landing opportunities. So the truth may remain somewhere in between. This aircraft could be hidden in a hanger at this time as it is prepared for its true purpose of delivering something big. It doesn't need bomb-bay doors, its just needs to fly again somewhere and detonate in the air or fly into a target with its payload.. A terrible thought, but one that needs to be addressed by all nations with resources. A 777-200ER has jumped out of Pandora's box.

Since inside information is confusing and adrift with bits and pieces of information, the available evidence is a crash site in itself . As those bits and pieces float about the press waves with an enduring picture of total confusion. The sophistication of shuting down of its tracking and consequential flight direction tells a story that this is just the first chapter of a possible long episode with uncertain outcomes. The US government is probably has this marked with the highest importance on its list at this moment, for Immediate Resolution. Another two weeks in the dark, it becomes a critical mass type situation for half the world. Probably this could be a second 9/11 like attempt in the making. So the answer becomes more critical for each day this passes. A group of fundamental experts are following its years of preparatory plans, making this an important milestone in that effort. They have pilots, technicians and resources if this aircraft hadn't crashed. Current ambiguous information suggest it didn't crash. That is the basis of my understanding, that it didn't crash in front of the world press as some pointless gesture from terrorist, "we did it because we could". 

It is in the second level act of terrorism, where it becomes the first step for a greater purpose. 

  • Obtain The Means-done
  • Obtain the target-done
  • Prepare the weapon- in process
  • Execute the mission- in planning as 1st level terrorism 
The US realizes this, oh so importantly. I hope they can do its job well and find this aircraft in the next 30 days. Even if it tragically fell into the sea, the US needs to find it, because it is a national security problem of the highest level.