Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and What's Under The Tree. (Unwrapped Update)

How to fit a Mini Jumbo 777X onto the airport runway, Jetway  or gate without calling on the bulldozers, scaffolding, and Jack hammer crews for a biennial disruption of airport  operations?
Could Boeing pull another rabbit out of the hat for Christmas?  Click & Check out prior blog on this topic.
A design is in the offing that makes more sense, than building new airport configurations around the world. When you can build a mini Jumbo easier that fits all airports anywhere.  Boeing has not announced the 777X and is still working on several fronts with its customers, engineers, and marketers as it gains the sweet spot to sell airplanes that will overwhelm the market with a solution for all players.
The next cool idea is under study before my 2015 deadline for the Aviation Renaissance (AR),  which I have set arbitrarily, to announce another sea change event for aviation. The first one was the 787 type announce in 2003. Where Leonardo Da Vinci rolled over and said, "Whoa "! This one will be "the bigger is not better, but better is best", accomplishment. The incorporation of everything 787 pioneered, is going into the 777X on a right sized scale, leaving the Wright Brothers to building bicycles for a living, if they were alive to do so. 

The folding wing mini Jumbo concept is under serious review.
These are my talking points for the 777X:
  • Enhanced engine performance from 787 project.
  • All plastic larger barrel hull design
  • Extended wing geometry for fuel economy, flight and  load performance.
  • Commonalities with Boeing suite of aircraft.
  • Lessons Learned From 787 translate into new design efficiencies for 777X
Let The Aviation Renaissance Begin!
Okay, Art Meet Function, Function Dance with Science.
Music Please, The AR Ball Begins

Leonardo da Vinci Started It All
Make a bigger airplane with a small foot print mini Jumbo. Adding folding wings and a wider barrel that will fit into the 787 slots at airports is another game changer.  Adding a right sized wing makes a more flexible aircraft for engineers to optimize lift, and cruise performance. The optimized engine variant with weight saving non metal hulls, could revolutionize air travel once more leaving the  A-380 at the gate before Airbus turns a profit on its behemoth white elephant. Not only to mention the ill fated A-350, as a loser out on performance and passengers, Boeing has time to get it right on the 777X. My question for Boeing as follows: is the 777X just a feign for what really is intended, the 797X? Boeing's 777-300 can sustain a graceful ride into the sunset for the next 5-7 years with tweaks and improvements. Charting towards the 797 course and a 2020 timeline for the 797-X. My own wonder is more about what they will call the line of aircraft after exhausting the 7X7 numbering sequence, rather than coming up with a new renaissance aircraft for 2020.
Large airports in the world  set airplanes  to an international standard referred to as Code E — which limits the wingspan to 213 feet. A folding wing accepts this standard easily.
The Airbus A380 double-decker jet, with a wingspan of 262 feet, is a category higher, Code F.
Airbus A-380 is limited to a few airports that have spent millions on an airport configuration for Code F .
A code E mini Jumbo with folding wings will enable the 777X that all 767,777.787.747 currently serve. This allows Boeing to better market a business plan serving 200-450 passengers per departure.  Leaving the A-380 in its own niche market found in those airports big enough to park it.

One question remains for Leonardo.  What where you thinking when you drew a (blue print) sketch of a round corkscrew wing? Or was this the product of too many grapes pouring out ones corkscrewed, cork bottle stopper, into one's cup? The Era of AR has begun, everyone enjoy the party!

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