Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Diversify Is The Same As Going West For Boeing

The "Moon Shot" is old business for Boeing as it closed that chapter when the Max rolled out for first delivery. Not only has Boeing reeled in its new plane along with its sink or swim mantra, but it is tendering an offer for ready made Embraer products and it also wants to sell seats to other airlines.

Commercial Embraer Models:
  • Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante. (15-21 passengers)
  • Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia as ordered. (capable of 30 seats, also light freighter)
  • Embraer ERJ family. Embraer ERJ 135 (37 passengers) 
  • Embraer ERJ 140 (44 passengers) ...
  • Embraer E-Jet family. Embraer 170 (66–78 passengers) ...
  • Embraer E-Jet E2 family. Embraer 175-E2 (80–90 passengers)
  • Embraer 190 E2 97-114 passengers
  • Embraer E195 E2  up to 146 passengers

The seat business is a made in Europe proposition centered in Frankfurt Germany. The American Adient seat company is poised to become part of the Boeing family of aviation products. What better way to undercut Airbus by putting Adient seats made in Germany on Airbus products? Or what better way than rub salt-in when putting a lazy "B" on the bottom of a seat on an Airbus product. A lazy "B" lies flat with its bumps pointed on the downside. I should be hired for Boeing marketing as an "Idea Guy". 

What's on the Table For Boeing Blue Bucks Below is from Boeing Frontiers 2005
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Embraer or Seats, Boeing is playing hard and fast at the start of 2018. Bombardier may want a do over before all is lost for its biggest ticket item, the CS300 series. It's almost as if Boeing is head hunting for filling jobs for idle engineers and design teams on new and diverse projects. 

Building clean sheet airplanes is so 787. Not forgetting the yet to be announced 797 and the 777X, engineers only have to design a stack of Golden Parachutes before 2030. By then Boeing will be making carbon fiber reinforced plastic wings, or is it doing that little thing already? 

Boeing is in a devouring mode instead of making moon shots happen. It will only stop this company grabbing rampage when the euros scream "uncle Sam".

Zodiac biffed it with its seat making acumen as both Boeing and Airbus waited for it, too long. Somebody at Boeing mentioned there is nothing we can't do in perfect double negative form. 

Those Indian Airlines cracked 787 windshields could be the next Boeing acquisition. Using shims and bad fasteners bit the Italian contribution in the early days. The 747-400 based "Dream Lifter" could be aging and more parts could travel by rail to the Northwest (ah from the Northwest) when those Dream Lifters are put to pasture. The 787 will continue its manufacturing run long after heavy lifters are no longer needed as Boeing's exudes its new mantra of, "if you break it we will make it". 

Boeing definitely wants to control what it can control and has learned lessons far beyond a world supply chain as the answer. They have the bravado to make key items when a supplier fails in its attempt of playing hard ball with the bigs. Just like yanking a baseball pitcher out of the game after the fourth straight walk and another run goes on the score board, Boeing will relieve Zodiac seats and put in its flame throwing closer, Boeing investments.