Friday, January 26, 2018

Airports Need A Theme Park Mentality

Can every airport or hub become a "Pirates of The Caribbean" ride? And... what's wrong with that?

For your airfare you gain access to the airports pavilions, food court's and "rest areas". Want to stay the snow storm? No problem as there may be sleeping hovels with showers included just past the TSA gate. Early attempts on club lounges for first class passengers was on  the right track. Also known as Sky Lounges. The next great hub will amaze travelers with shops and entertainment venues dotting the concourses near your airline gate. 

Imagine a two hour-lay over interrupted by a final boarding announcement over the PA system. Not to worry, an airport concierge has your GPS location  and vibrates the heck out of your wrist just fifteen minutes before take-off warning. Its time enough to pull away from your entertainment venue and go straight to the boarding line only feet away from what ever entertainment preoccupying your senses.

Its not all fantasy yet, but it will appear at the next airport renovation, centered on passenger pallets who are walking with credit cards.There are so many ideas pioneered by Disney, Six Flags or Universal who may opt-in for treating airport prisoners with a plethora of food, fantasy, and fun functions. Its just a matter  of time for making the Airport hub the destination along the way. In fact an all-nighter lay-over becomes the point.