Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Boeing Books 2017 Net Orders

Boeing ends up with 912 net orders. The important part is Boeing boosted its single aisle order book  with 745 737's combining NG and the Max numbers. It also booked 94 net 787 falling short of a book to bill ratio of one for its type. The Book to Bill Ratio stands at 69% for 2017. However, 2018 will record more 787 than markets may expect with several large orders pending in the commitment slot.

Airbus  will take a few more days compiling a comparison as it has not posted its December numbers at this time. The order for 430 A320's have not been added. Other orders from different models maybe added when it posts its order counts. The order battle will be closer than indicated from a sluggish Airbus order pace established during the year. Airbus typically waits (tries) for the end of the year to post surprises after Boeing posts it numbers. It's about the game!