Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boeing Sides with Emirates At Dubai

Boeing sides with Emirates at Dubai Airshow November 12-16 2017. If ever there was an awkward moment on the world stage it is set for Boeing and Emirates at Dubai’s main entrance. Study the pavilion map and there it is Boeing and Emirates side by side at the front door. There is anticipation in the error after looking for Airbus or EADS on the Floor Map and not finding Airbus(look on map for stall 552 Airbus Group). Boeing greets’ at the Dubai pavilion’s front door for those who enter the hall. Look for EADS or Airbus who have big deals pending somewhere at the airshow. Most likely they will make a presences at the exhibitor’s tarmac with its static displays and what not.

2013 Dubai Airshow Reports:
1. Emirates  - $76 billion
The Dubai-based airline owned by the local government made history at the Dubai Air Show in November with the biggest single order ever for Boeing: 115 firm orders for the 777X-9X and 35 for 777-8Xs. Those two newest versions of the successful 777 twinjet haven't flown yet; they will enter service around 2020.

That was then in 2013 and now is November 2017. What’s on the table is another Emirates mega order for either Boeing or Airbus. It’s no accident Boeing is across the aisle from Emirates at the pavilion’s front door. Something again is going to happen at the show and the two big Dubai players are a hand shake away from each other as if no accident occurred but a plan comes together.

The year 2013 debut an immense 777X coup of 115 777-X9’s and 35 Boeing 777-8X slamming the door on Airbus aspirations for having a show stopping announcement with mid-east fleets. Boeing won the show. The talk today is centered on the 787 family and the A-350 family of aircraft. Having Emirates a stable mate on the exhibition hall is no accident for Boeing. It bought the most expensive real estate in the pavilion next to Emirates.

Boeing at the table head with Emirates, and EDIC an Emirate partner with Mubadala an Emirates bank who are all greeting the crowds by no accident. Something big is going to happen and it won't embarrass those at the head of the table at the main pavilion.

It will be a gross embarrassment for either if an announcement for an Airbus order permeates the pavilion air for the A-350 which Emirates is closely studying. Boeing has been told to wait until a decision is made later in the year for which happens to fall near the Dubai show date on November 12-16, 2017. It is not said an announcement will be forthcoming at Dubai for either maker’s bid with Emirates but it stands to reason Emirates will not snub its neighbor, Boeing, at the party across the pathway from Boeing’s own pavilion spot.

Font Door is  About 100 feet away from Boeing

Emirates walks by Boeing every time going to the Great Show Hall. It has three chalets in a row like Boeing as depicted by three orange bars above.

Further away beyond Emirates is chalet P-10, the Airbus gigantic chalet which is double of what either Boeing has outdoors in the chalet swamp. This would make up for Airbus stationed at the back left center of the hall with its long display.

The front door position is like setting at the head of the banquet table at a state diner. Airbus is closer to the kid's table than the head of the table as both Boeing and Emirates find themselves.

Boeing is well positioned to hear great news at Dubai and Airbus is positioned at the end of the chalet flight line in position P-10. Emirates is about mid span between Airbus and Boeing’s chalet position. Boeing has three standard chalets and Airbus has the biggest Chalet on the flight line out of everyone but does not have a cherished spot in the great pavilion hall as Boeing does.

What does this all mean? Emirates keep its friends close as the saying starts to quote. A spot at the table is also important. Airbus is there to impress and Boeing is well positioned to lobby. There is a wait until the Dubai Airshow for finding out who played it best.