Wednesday, February 21, 2018

797 Demand Dooms Airbus Dominance

The overly complicated market model has the Airbus A-321 disrupting Boeing's market foot print from its nipping at the NMA market. Every Airbus A-321 order pushes Boeing to do something sooner rather than later. Boeing claims it needs more market research and customer feed back. Airlines are giving Boeing much needed feed back already when every time an A-321 is ordered. It also opens the market window wider for an Airbus counter move. Airbus too is madly working in secret for a NMA counter punch and its A-321 is not that counter punch nor is its A-330. Boeing is committed to a lighter NMA body than an A-330 NEO. It also will hold many more passengers and fly farther than an A-321.

This alone indicates Airbus needs a clean sheet counter-punch for Bowing's impeding NMA announced offering. Boeing is concerned with getting this offering right for a broad base of customers who are publicly lining up as potential launch customers. There Qantas and Delta who have opening partnered with Boeing on what they want. There is GE and CFN who have public expression as engine makers. There is plant space available in Charleston or Seattle areas competing for a Boeing manufacturing 797 production plant. 

Boeing has a target in mind for how many launch customers and unit commitments required for an announcement. Boeing is farther down the road when it says it needs more market data from potential customers, suggesting its just waiting for launch units numbers. China and the rest of  Asia remains silent on the matter. Taking ll this into account one can easily see a 500 unit announcement for a Boeing 797. Some customers will convert prior orders into 797 orders. Delta has expressed a strong desire for the 797 NMA. This of course triggers United into an airplane buying mode. This of course triggers American into an airplane. Oops, repetition is the market data Boeing is looking for in search of 797 flattery.

China alone could order up to 250 797's for a regional grouping. North America could order up 250 797's as a North American response. Canadians are among us well. A great fit for Latin America premium fit. When looking for favored European customers starting with Norwegian Air and then Ryan Air. Air France will weigh in with 30 -50 orders. When the 737-10 was announced at its inaugural airshow there were so many conversions into a 737-10 model. In all about 200 737-10's were ordered. Possibly the 737-10 orders were dampened because of the 797 Boeing promise for the 797 by 2026, and the 737-10 is a time gap filler. It will be a long time before the 797 comes to market by 2026. Boeing waiting and waiting stretching Airbus patient. It wants a Boeing blue print before following an NMA announcement. Boeing wants order numbers from Airbus customers as the linchpin pulled for a 797 announcement. It is waiting on Airbus fleet customers to sign on before announcing. India is one one such Airbus customer. Note

India Airbus customer's could be stalling with ordering Airbus under the usual heading of in "negotiations" as it is also mulling over the 797 details with Boeing.  The 797 time gap to market may be too much for either Vistra or Tata.

Airbus will offer a price these two may not be able to resist having a long Boeing wait time before first delivery as a  too long for either as they would be also an unlikely 797 Launch customer. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What is Known About Boeing's Black Hole

The Black Hole or known as the "NMA". Most people identify it as the New Medium Airplane. The 737 will fade into a pimple on the maker's cheek when it once was a beauty mole featured by every modeling front cover. The black hole, gap, or NMA is about to be studied by airplane aficionados. This study of looking past at success or failure will reveal how it affected the single aisle and dual aisle offerings from the 737 Max to the 787 Dream Liners .

Boeing's 797 NMA-797 is shown near NGC 1277 at about 5 light days from earth.

Image result for The Black Hole

Boeing wants to avoid a Max or Dream nightmare when making a 797. It can't live without it or may dump money on it while creating a massive embarrassment. However, Boeing has the chops and customers for stopping the A-321 bleeding from its rival, as it too slashes Boeing with every sale of the A-321. Norwegian airline is a good example. It has bought a fleet of Airbus A-321's for crossing the the Atlantic from Europe. Boeing is suffering a split personality over the 797 concept. No guts no glory condition exists as it ponders the base of the cliff its about to jump towards with a new mystery ship of flight.

The Black hole's edge is measured in baby steps towards that abyss. A 737-8, then a 737 dash 9 followed by the 737-10, as Boeing edges inch by seat inch closer to announcing there is light at the end of the Black Hole tunnel. The gravity of it all increases as Boeing nears the NMA precipice of that awful black hole fondly called the "middle of the market" or MOM. 

Boeing will pull the trigger and jump since the weight of the matter is too much when hanging ten off the board on a primo market condition at high tide. All the hiding and symbolic gestures from Boeing Co. is for form points for the airline judges. Those numbers have been tallied by the judges and the black hole will be back-filled with a 797 soon. Boeing has run out of posturing statements and it now is hesitant to say anything further for fear of sounding ridiculous about something everyone already knows about. Boeing's next lame comment regarding a mystery program having a front office in Seattle Washington, awaits the next big dance at an airshow near the 51st parallel. A globe will solve the 51st parallel mystery announcing the 797.

Location-Location-Location: The 51st Parallel
Image result for 51st parallel north London

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

January Boeing Order Count Slight of Hand

Boeing posted its order count for January 31, 2018. Missing are the 14 747-8F's ordered by UPS announced in January by press release and a mysterious 17 unit deletion for the 737 Max just after 17 Max were ordered at the end of January leaving one Max BBJ and 10 P-8's for military acquisition and totaling 11 units net for January (whew). It may not be correct regarding model disposition at this time, but Boeing had a confusing first month of 2018 and Winging It "hopes" to have it corrected by Boeing's own data. Below is the Order Chart with Boeing notations. Tell me if it doesn't work for you!

Friday, February 9, 2018

The 787-300 Mysteriously Turns Into A 797

Remember when Boeing thought it something going right when it offered the 787-300 only to promptly cancel that Idea and focus on the 787-8? The 787-300 was supposed to carry  about what a 797 would carry. It was supposed to fly what a 797 would fly. So What happened to the 787-300 as ANA only bought in on the 787-300 with 13 copies ordered. Like any fine wine the grapes are the same and the process of making alcoholic content is the same but what makes a great wine?  Time or in Boeing's case timing. The 787-300 concept was an abject failure partially because it flew just over 3,000 miles and airlines were enamored with 7,000 plus miles at the time. The 797 is promised with 5,000 miles. I would suspect it will go dual aisle like the 787-300. I also expect it will only go 7 seats across. It probably go 250 seats maximum while a 270 seater Boeing mentioned is a bridge too far for it is attempt at this time.

This ultimate gap filler would supplant any 757 aficionados or 767 die-hards with  medium airport fittings as high tech gap filler. Boeing learned some lessons during the early stages of the 787 stumbles. The 787-300 was non starter. The 797 is going to be what the 787 family couldn't be. It won't stretch to 337 passenger or fly just to 3,000 miles as Boeing once offered. But it will have two aisle because it has to not compete with the A321 NEO. It must define its own class better than what Airbus does for its customers with the A-321. Two aisle is that start that assures Qantas a fast turn around time under 35 minutes. Alan Joyce of Qantas came out of the Singapore Air Show with a big smile. Joyce will get his sunset aircraft with a gap filler to boot from Boeing. It will turn the far east on its ear so to speak and Qantas will be at the front of that line.

The Qantas order backlog with its 787-9's options will be turned into extra long range sunset busters during a Farnborough order book rally for the yet to be announced 797. The whole point is not Qantas or for Boeing's sales leader, Randy Tinseth but East Asia's market place. Qantas is grabbing  position on what will be a Boeing order onslaught. Airbus is waiting to see what happens first before it dives in with a counter punch. The A321 is too successful for an Airbus blink until the market reacts.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The 797 Is More Than A Gap Filler

Boeing's idea is for a gap filling 797 which bridges a market hole from single aisle to the 787 family of aircraft. Natural performance numbers suggests a 5,000 mile range and up to 270 passengers though I doubt it would push the upper passenger seats. In a sales pitch, it would sensibly promote around a 220-250 seat range. Alan Joyce who is looking at A320 renewals in its Qantas fleet with an addition of A321 NEO's is pushing Boeing to the breaking point for announcing a 797 offering sometime in 2018. I would still suggest Farnborough Air Show is the proper moment for the 797 announcement. It sounds sooner rather than later something is coming from the Boeing concept file.

Boeing cannot wait for another A321 NEO sale before it could announce a 797. It will have lost too much program thrust for its 797 take-off. A sensible projection is Boeing has a firm body and wing design in hand for its 797 gap filler. It also knows it will create synergy for mature programs from the 737 to the 787. It might even change Allan Joyce's mind about ordering A321 NEO's or replacing its vast fleet of A-320's by flipping to the 737 Max's. If Boeing gets Embraer it will also open the Australian door for 130 seats and below market coming from a Boeing/Embraer product. Airbus will be pushing Bombardier product on all its current single aisle customers.

The pressure is mounting on Boeing to pull the 797 trigger as it would lose further ground to Airbus if doing nothing. It needs the gap filler as a catalyst for other product in Boeing's own plans. Embraer commercial will be a Boeing partnership which will bring Boeing avionics to its aircraft matching Boeing's own single aisle avionics up through the 777X program. Alan Joyce is playing both Airbus and Boeing at this time. It claims a limit on its financial resources so any decision must fit its purchasing capability. That being said, Qantas is seeking an advantage with one maker over the other throughout its fleet. 

At the Singapore airshow, Joyce's favorable expressions towards Boeing only signals the game is not over yet. However, Boeing won't redirect its own offerings for just one customer like Qantas. Remember when Qantas ordered a boatload of 787's and then backed out later. Joyce remarked later, he is not yet convinced the 787 is an answer for Qantas having taken in 8 787-9's, which could just be leverage language for Boeing's position with Qantas. Even though he has been flying the 787-8's (11) with Jetstar, a Qantas subset. Joyce knows exactly what the 787 can do while saying "he is not yet convinced about the 787-9". It represents some kind of jet blast from Joyce at this time.  It is not likely he will flip Boeing for Airbus, but nothing is impossible in today's world of aircraft selling and buying. If Boeing announces the 797 this summer, then Qantas may renew its old A-320 fleet with the 737 Max, add the 797, and buy more 787-9's at a heavily discounted price from Boeing. This is all pre Farnborough posturing by Qantas. A big Boeing day is coming during 2018.   

Friday, February 2, 2018

Today UPS Bought 14 More 747-8F's

All along Boeing contended the life of the 747 depended on the freight business not passenger service for its future. Today, UPS helped the Boeing claim along buy cashing in its 14 options for the 747-8F. In 2016,  UPS ordered a staggering 14 747-8F's optioning for 14 more of its type. Today was a firming day for those option as the news reported. Whether it happened in January or February 2018 will soon be revealed in Boeing's monthly orders and delivery updates on its website.

What this means?  Is the topic of this short discussion. Boeing has factory capacity for four more years at a 6 a year 747 production rate. All those engineers can now update resumes and contribute towards its unemployment accounts before any near term lay-off occurs which now seems a distant thought on the factory floor. Boeing has four more years for finding more freight customers for its 747-8F's. Over time, the cycle will bend towards Boeing's freight business direction again as the world's economies ebb and flow the stock markets.

Boeing has bought time for its other programs. It has 747 engineers in its hip pocket for anything pending on future accomplishing. Plant capacity is held in reserve as it builds 28 more 747's. A call will be made by 2020 for launching something new as an always improving business model expands its portfolio towards a 777-10X or a 797 NMA. Booth those concepts are now waiting the competition out. It won't go first like it did with the 787. Airbus blinked with a A321-LR. But it is also holding cards as long as it wants as customer buy the A321 in a continuing flow. An observation for any gambler, is timing, once the horses are loaded at the gate. 

Boeing wants an Airbus A321 LR in test mode before it launches an NMA.  Airbus wants its rendition of an NMA springing from an A-330 down sizing, which will be drawn in a hurry going to to market as a Boeing beater. 

Its rapidly turning into a tit for tat airplane building world as Boeing spits at Bombardier and hugs Embraer in a fit. In this slug fest, "a customer" wants to end up as a winner with better products and mechanisms for beating its own competition. The passenger just wants a seat that can hold 190 lbs in comfort. The 17" wide affair is for third world sensibilities, where blue collar working travelers are faced with recline issues and no wifi. The shoulder roll works only for 90 minutes in a 10 hr flight. Colored lighting is a small benefit for contortionist who insist on flying to Singapore and back to LA.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Airports Need A Theme Park Mentality

Can every airport or hub become a "Pirates of The Caribbean" ride? And... what's wrong with that?

For your airfare you gain access to the airports pavilions, food court's and "rest areas". Want to stay the snow storm? No problem as there may be sleeping hovels with showers included just past the TSA gate. Early attempts on club lounges for first class passengers was on  the right track. Also known as Sky Lounges. The next great hub will amaze travelers with shops and entertainment venues dotting the concourses near your airline gate. 

Imagine a two hour-lay over interrupted by a final boarding announcement over the PA system. Not to worry, an airport concierge has your GPS location  and vibrates the heck out of your wrist just fifteen minutes before take-off warning. Its time enough to pull away from your entertainment venue and go straight to the boarding line only feet away from what ever entertainment preoccupying your senses.

Its not all fantasy yet, but it will appear at the next airport renovation, centered on passenger pallets who are walking with credit cards.There are so many ideas pioneered by Disney, Six Flags or Universal who may opt-in for treating airport prisoners with a plethora of food, fantasy, and fun functions. Its just a matter  of time for making the Airport hub the destination along the way. In fact an all-nighter lay-over becomes the point.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Boise ID Is A Great Fit For Airplane Making

Boeing has several  decisions to make during 2018. One is whether to build or not to build a New Medium Aircraft often referred as the 797. The airplane is a shoe horn fit between the 737 Max 10 and the 787-8. Its counter part, Airbus, indicates making add-on's to its own A321 NEO as a quick and dirty response for anything market gap filing. It would quickly stretch  and bend the A321 for more fuel and passenger space where Boeing would make a clean sheet design different from its own largest single aisle example from the 737 Max 10 family of aircraft.

The mid sized cities in America are now in the competition of wooing Boeing into its zip code for an airplane making adventure. The Northwest and  Washington State  has a great advantage over other towns across North America. Spokane, WA is an active suitor for the 797 program if announced. Moses Lake could fill its Eastern Wa hole with a factory no one could even notice from the freeway drive-by. The one city within the five hundred mile circle from Seattle is Boise, ID and it has a surprising chance.

Boise is a clean sheet location having infrastructure available for building the Boeing 797. A middle American town having great core unmatched by big city taxes, congestion and life style penalties. It the open space version of a Seattle park system. The different is millions of acres of mountains, deserts and canyons for which Seattle could not have even if Mt Rainier blew its top.

Boise State University (BSU) is not one of those sandstone eastern schools citing two hundred years of tradition as its main talking point but has become a metro school where the world market changes and new building go up for teaching students how to lead those changes. Since the IT world has turned the world upside down Many IT based companies have come to Boise. Micron Technology, Hewlett Packard and recently intuit (T-Sheets). BSU has partnered  with those businesses as it is in the business of making trained graduates with western work ethics who end up making these anchor companies succeed. The work force in Boise is more than competent for any Boeing venture. operation.

The city area is larger than Spokane at 650,000 people and has open space surrounding the metropolitan area in abundance. One area directly south of the airport is an open space for more air traffic expansion. The outlying southern Owyhee region would rival any of Nevada's  testing secret areas. Idaho doesn't have lake beds like Nevada but it does have privacy for hundreds of miles and immediate connections with military operation at Mountain Home AFB and Gowan Field ANG in Boise. Boise has a consistent and convenient juxtaposition with its other tests locations. Moses Lake, and Glendive MT. The railroad comes right to the Airport or any other industrial location in the greater treasure valley as a spur line built out by only a few miles, Union Pacific. Boise is a technology breeding ground and is rapidly gaining prominence as a  business leader in the region. 

A Boeing project like the 797 would be a low cost risk with a guaranteed workforce at hand with any union affiliations. The land is cheap and taxes are on the low side as compared with every other area in the US. A move to Boise would surprise the aviation world as Boeing would catch another Dream with 797 project. The location is ideal from its centrally located position on the Northwest map. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Changing The World's Navies One F-35B at A Time

Like every Swiss Army Knife, a military can't figure out what it is good for its battle plan until put on a desert island exploring new military options. The F-35 is currently on that deserted island as military planners discover how good the F-35 really can be.  It will change naval military procurement around the world once the F-35 completes its first battle from an LHA ship like the USS America (LHA-6).

The British new QE carrier just completed its sea trials before receiving its first F-35B  displacing about 65,000 tons. It will exclusively use the F-35B as its fighter aircraft from the deck. The USS America assault ship is about 45,000 tons and will carry a substantial number of F-35B's on deck. Somewhere in the middle of 45 to 65 thousands tons is the perfect small nation strike carrier for all occasions. It would be  a flexible and can be replicated better than big nation carriers such as United States of America. The US Marines caught on early with its naval contingent of ships like the Wasp  and America.

Long has the Marine debate of having an LHA with a well deck or hanger deck. It has smaller versions, with the LSD and LPD designation. The LSD has a well deck and the LPD has a Hanger deck starting from big garage doors near the middle of the ship. 

A well deck version is what conflicts the Marines when defining its missions. The well deck area is a hollowed out area with an opening at the stern of the ship for landing craft egress and ingress to the ship. It can be flooded for landing craft  making a direct entry into the ocean or store landing equipment during transition to a hot spot with a an ocean view. LSD's and LPD's would support an invasion with the LHA as the led ship of this Marine flotilla. It's a matter of F-35B applications in battle space that will change ship designs into the future.

Below are the acronym designations and equipment types from the ship.

LSD: Landing Ship Dock: Landing craft from well deck, Helicopters is less number than a LHA; a contingent of Marine troops would travel with the ship.

 USS Tortuga (LSD 46)  16,500 Tons
Image result for LSD Landing ship dock

USS Tortuga (LSD-46)
USS Tortuga (LSD-46) in February 2001, off the coast of the Caribbean island of Curacao.
USS Tortuga (LSD-46) in February 2001, off the coast of the Caribbean island of Curacao.
Ordered:26 November 1984
Laid down:23 March 1987
Launched:15 September 1988
Commissioned:17 November 1990
Homeport:Little Creek, Virginia
Motto:Tough, Tall, Tenacious
Status:in active service
Badge:USS Tortuga LSD-46 Crest.png
General characteristics
  • 11,471 tons (light)
  • 16,568 tons (full)
Length:610 ft (190 m)
Beam:84 ft (26 m)
Draft:21 ft (6.4 m)
Propulsion:4 Colt Industries, 16-cylinder diesel engines, 2 shafts, 33,000 shp (25 MW)
Speed:20+ knots (37+ km/h)
Boats & landing
craft carried:
LCACs or 21 LCM-6s
Troops:Marine detachment: 402 + 102 surge
Complement:22 officers, 391 enlisted

LPD: Landing Platform Dock: Designed for Helicopters with hanger bay for Maintenance.

Landing Platform Dock, 25,300 Tons San Antonio Class, 10 Each built. Hanger Deck Top Mid Ship

Image result for landing platform dock

USS San Antonio and USS New York in June 2011.
Class overview
Builders:Huntington Ingalls Industries (formerly Northrop Grumman Ship Systems)
Operators:United States Navy
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:N/A—current authorized amphibious transport dock line
  • $1.602 billion (ave. for class, FY2012)[1]
  • $2.021 billion (last ship, FY2012)[1]
Built:2000–2017 (forecast)[1]
In commission:2006–present
General characteristics [2]
Type:Amphibious transport dock
Displacement:25,300 t (full)
Length:684 ft (208 m)
Beam:105 ft (32 m)
Draft:23 ft (7.0 m), full load
Propulsion:Four sequentially turbocharged marine Colt-Pielstick diesel engines, two shafts, 41,600 shp
Speed:In excess of 22 knots (25 mph; 41 km/h)
Boats & landing
craft carried:
  • Crew: 28 officers, and 333 enlisted men
  • Landing force: 66 officers, and 633 enlisted men
Sensors and
processing systems:
AN/SPS-48G, AN/SPQ-9B[1]
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Aircraft carried:Launch or land up to two MV-22 Ospreytilt-rotor aircraft simultaneously with room to place four MV-22s on the flight deck and one in the hangar deck.

Wikipedia chart credit
United States
Namesake:United States
Awarded:1 June 2007[1]
Builder:Huntington Ingalls Industries
Laid down:17 July 2009[2]
Launched:4 June 2012[3]
Sponsored by:Lynne Pace[2]
Christened:20 October 2012[4]
Acquired:10 April 2014[4][5]
Commissioned:11 October 2014[6]
Homeport:San Diego, California
  • "Bello vel pace paratus"
  • ("Ready for War or Peace")
Status:in active service
  • Program cost: $10.1 billion[7](FY15)
  • Unit cost: $3.4 billion[7] (FY15)
Badge:USS America LHA-6 Crest.png
General characteristics
Class and type:America-class amphibious assault ship[2]
Displacement:44,971 long tons (45,693 t)[8] full load
Length:844 ft (257 m)
Beam:106 ft (32 m)
Draft:26 ft (7.9 m)
Propulsion:Two marine gas turbines, two shafts, 70,000 bhp (52,000 kW), two 5,000 hp (3,700 kW) auxiliary propulsion motors.
Speed:over 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph)[9]
  • 65 officers, 994 enlisted
  • 1,687 Marines (plus 184 surge)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
  • AN/SLQ-32B(V)2 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program Block 1
  • 2 × Mk53 NULKA decoy launchers[12]
Aircraft carried:
Wikipedia Chart Credit
LHA: Landing Aassault Ship: F-35B, Osprey, Helicopters and Marines in greater number than the LSD and LPD. It is the Marine's main assault ship. This next step up is finding the optimal configured ship for the F-35B after it is determined how the F-35B can fight in actual combat. The Navy will make a design bigger than the LHA with a 55,000 ton class having more F-35B's and marines. 

LHA-6 America
Related image

A mid point from the 45,00 ton LHA and 65,000 ton British QE, would be a 55,000 ton nuclear powered assault ship containing a larger ships compliment and landing force of about three thousand military personnel for every situation. It should have about 30 F-35's stored below and multiples of Helicopters and Osprey. Sounds like an overpowering Marine mission. 

A key idea would be to build two LHA's for every one Ford class CVN. A 13 billion carrier is twice the cost of two LHA's. A nation who has too few monetary printing presses in action can effectively buy one LHA including flying equipment for its decks for about ten billion US. The Ford class carrier may end up costing 20 billion once all the flying equipment is bought and loaded on board. Another 5 Billion for training and supplying its crews. More billions needed just operating a Ford CVN. The main point is dividing the cost of one CVN (carrier) by two equaling or about 13 Billion a piece when fully complimented and ready for combat.
USS Ford Carrier CVN 79 above 102,000 tons
Image result for Ford class carrier

The naval LHA conundrum dictates how many well deck LHA's and how many hanger deck versions required. The "mini carrier" containing F-35B's is a military marketing tool for both ship building companies and Lockheed Martin.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Diversify Is The Same As Going West For Boeing

The "Moon Shot" is old business for Boeing as it closed that chapter when the Max rolled out for first delivery. Not only has Boeing reeled in its new plane along with its sink or swim mantra, but it is tendering an offer for ready made Embraer products and it also wants to sell seats to other airlines.

Commercial Embraer Models:
  • Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante. (15-21 passengers)
  • Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia as ordered. (capable of 30 seats, also light freighter)
  • Embraer ERJ family. Embraer ERJ 135 (37 passengers) 
  • Embraer ERJ 140 (44 passengers) ...
  • Embraer E-Jet family. Embraer 170 (66–78 passengers) ...
  • Embraer E-Jet E2 family. Embraer 175-E2 (80–90 passengers)
  • Embraer 190 E2 97-114 passengers
  • Embraer E195 E2  up to 146 passengers

The seat business is a made in Europe proposition centered in Frankfurt Germany. The American Adient seat company is poised to become part of the Boeing family of aviation products. What better way to undercut Airbus by putting Adient seats made in Germany on Airbus products? Or what better way than rub salt-in when putting a lazy "B" on the bottom of a seat on an Airbus product. A lazy "B" lies flat with its bumps pointed on the downside. I should be hired for Boeing marketing as an "Idea Guy". 

What's on the Table For Boeing Blue Bucks Below is from Boeing Frontiers 2005
Related image

Embraer or Seats, Boeing is playing hard and fast at the start of 2018. Bombardier may want a do over before all is lost for its biggest ticket item, the CS300 series. It's almost as if Boeing is head hunting for filling jobs for idle engineers and design teams on new and diverse projects. 

Building clean sheet airplanes is so 787. Not forgetting the yet to be announced 797 and the 777X, engineers only have to design a stack of Golden Parachutes before 2030. By then Boeing will be making carbon fiber reinforced plastic wings, or is it doing that little thing already? 

Boeing is in a devouring mode instead of making moon shots happen. It will only stop this company grabbing rampage when the euros scream "uncle Sam".

Zodiac biffed it with its seat making acumen as both Boeing and Airbus waited for it, too long. Somebody at Boeing mentioned there is nothing we can't do in perfect double negative form. 

Those Indian Airlines cracked 787 windshields could be the next Boeing acquisition. Using shims and bad fasteners bit the Italian contribution in the early days. The 747-400 based "Dream Lifter" could be aging and more parts could travel by rail to the Northwest (ah from the Northwest) when those Dream Lifters are put to pasture. The 787 will continue its manufacturing run long after heavy lifters are no longer needed as Boeing's exudes its new mantra of, "if you break it we will make it". 

Boeing definitely wants to control what it can control and has learned lessons far beyond a world supply chain as the answer. They have the bravado to make key items when a supplier fails in its attempt of playing hard ball with the bigs. Just like yanking a baseball pitcher out of the game after the fourth straight walk and another run goes on the score board, Boeing will relieve Zodiac seats and put in its flame throwing closer, Boeing investments.