Monday, March 12, 2018

Jon Ostrower's 797

When those in the "know weigh-in it becomes time to speculate with some knowledgeable wisdom or just some Wild A. Guessing. Winging IT talks about what Jon Ostrower surmises.

The 797 rendering is a logical procession in its advanced technology. Boeing will use what it uses best, its own stuff.

The  797 Renderings BY:
 Jon Ostrower on his welcome back blog.  Please link to John's blog as he will soon become a valued contributor at another aviation site. This is a great opportunity for aviation fans following a knowledgeable contributor. 

So, what might Boeing’s ‘Atlantic Fragmenter’ become?

Jon Ostrower's photo of:

Ostrower recognizes a 767 front snout and windows, a 787 like body composite and wings and a 737 tail cone. The oval is not dead! It is a plausible concept attracting all 767 fans and 787 aficionados.