Monday, July 10, 2017

Ever Wonder What A Winging IT Writer Looks Like?

It must be the dog days of summer to write something so vane. One of my visits to Denver via the Denver International Airport includes a must stop at the famous Mexican restaurant by the TV series which referred to Casa Bonita in Denver, Co.  A "No Sopapillas" joke line made by

Image result for denver international airport

Image result for casa Bonita"South Park" and pays homage to Casa Bonita food having "No Sopapillas ?" that day. 

The author had a sketch made still hanging on the wall at home. Winging IT's, "Trapperpk" clings to the mountain side every day.

The Trapper's vanity strikes at the heart of Casa Bonita with a true family experience staying in Denver, Colorado. A sketch was made of the author not far from the water falls.

Two Video Features  of Casa Bonita, Denver.


Okay so the Airport is pronounced WEIRD International.

Winging IT is weird but no one cares. Denver International Airport is for rejects from Disney Land's "Pirates of the Caribbean Ride", which is almost totally under ground. People just come to Denver for the airport ride underground and then onto Casa Bonita burritos with a side of sopapillas.