Monday, May 22, 2017

May Is Busting out With 787's Orders

The Boeing score card for the year is at almost a one to one book to bill ratio for its 787 family and it goes farther than the 787. Here are the dynamic order additions so far in May 2017.

·      May 2, 2017 West jet orders 10 787-9s
·      May 22 2017 Hainan announces for 6, 787-8 and 13 more 787-9's
·      January through April various customers order 13 787-9's. The total book for 2017 is 36 787's booked.

But if including the Singapore LOI order, it adds another 19 of Boeing's 787-10's making the 787 order going up to 55 of its WB type in play. 

So far Boeing has built 49 of its 787 for YTD numbers. Taking into account the Singapore Air LOI quantity, which Boeing has high confidence the order will be finalized by years end, a theoretical Book to Bill would exceed the preferred ratio of one to one. At this time, Boeing would sit at with a BB 787 rate of 1.12 as it contemplates moving production up to 14 787 next year.

Looking at the remaining 7.5 months of 2017 leaves Boeing some calendar and airshow opportunity. If Boeing can make a significant deals it will make the year for the wide bodies. Singapore air signed for its promised LOI for 20 777-9X's. This too is expected by years end for a formal booking. Without even thinking about Boeing's-Emirates hanging order chad, Boeing will have establish itself a solid year, which should eclipse Airbus wide body efforts.