Monday, May 1, 2017

Boeing Cools Its Single Aisle Jets In Production As The Max slots In

 The Boeing Corporation only built 38 737 NG's for its customers during April 2017. Below is the Winging Tracking for Single Aisle delivery.

Fig. 1

In all,Boeing produced 52 of its aircraft for the customers during April, 2017 and has netted delivering  221 for all types YTD.

Wide body types produced during April 2017 stands at 14.


More Airbus to Boeing data will be provided as soon as Airbus updates its website. Boeing, both in sales and delivery were down over its prior months but will maintain a lead over Airbus for the "2017 World's Largest Airplane Maker" distinction.

In the meantime this is a Boeing snapshot of its deliveries for April.