Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mr. Tinseth The Podium Is Yours, (from China with love)

Boeing VP Randy Tinseth in his solid Rick Moranis style of a wry smiles. Stated in China this week, it needs 6,020 aircraft over the next twenty years having 16% of the world's demand or value.

 Randy Tinseth , Boeing VP For Marketing 

   Rick Moranis (Honey I Shrunk The Kids)

Rick is a really Funny and Adorable guy.  Mr. Randy Tinseth, VP is quiet and driven about his products. He makes no jokes when he says China will need 6020 airplanes over the next 20 years. He hopes not just China, but the whole world gets this message. Boeing is here to stay and Boeing "will make your day", in a Clint Eastwood manner.

CAPA came to the front with an article after reading 20 like minded news articles on this subject, and I wanted to share the subtle importance on Randy's delivery in China.

CAPA report below:

Boeing projects demand in China for 6020 new aircraft over the next 20 years

CAPA Details of new aircraft deliveries in China from 2014 to 2033 is as follows:
  • Regional jet (90 seats and below): 200 deliveries for total value of USD10 billion;
  • Single-aisle (90 to 230 seats): 4340 deliveries for value of USD430 billion;
  • Small wide-body (200-300 seats): 780 for value of USD200 billion;
  • Medium widebody (300 to 400 seats): 640 for value of USD210 billion;
  • Large widebody (400 and above): 60 for value of USD20 billion;
  • Total: 6020 (16.4% of world total) for value of USD870 billion (16.7% of world total).
Boeing noted that more than 50% of commercial aircraft sold in China should be Boeing aircraft. 

The above is a listing of potential sales, as this is given to the Boeing Sales Members. A goal has been set and its greater than 50% of those numbers. The 737 plays an import role in this effort. Pricing plays an important role in this endeavour. As the 787 reaches full bloom it will be a significant wide body player as well. The 747-8i will snag some China orders after hearing what Boeing will do for the China Market. The 777X is the next big thing. China awaits Randy's next offer.