Saturday, August 19, 2017

Operation Defending Nemo

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Nuclear capability Classifications:

  • A class one nuclear capability could be structured as a combatant which has land, sea and air (space) capability to deliver a nuclear war head anywhere in the world at any time. It will also have the capability of a sustained attack mode where striking once is not its limit from its nuclear arsenal, while striking repeatedly is in its ability when having robust delivery capability. There are only a few nations who may have this level of nuclear delivery within the entire world scope. Retaliation between two in this class could lead to a planet killing result.

  • A class two nuclear capability, suggest some items are missing from a class one nuclear arsenal and has some limitation for an extensive duration of launch attacks. It also may be missing an element from land, sea or air (space) launches. However, a class two nuclear capability alarms every nation that a strike may exists anywhere in the world for maximum effect. Its sustaining of nuclear attack has a limited duration since retaliatory action would eliminate its ability for continuation of its nuclear delivery for very long.

  • A class three nuclear capability is where the world is teetering upon at this time when a rogue nation does not or has not established itself as a responsible member of the nuclear community. It has launch capability and demonstrates a desire for additional delivery capabilities through sea and air (space) but has not proven it can deliver in all phases of attack. The duration of a strike is limited to a first salvo with a contained effect where the expectation of a second salvo would not exist or can it occur from the lack of having a sustained supply or delivery systems for nuclear weapons. Additionally, a retaliation would be expected from a member of the nuclear nations affirmed by treaty or policy. Simply put, if attacking a non-nuclear nation with a nuclear weapon would also assure a catastrophic result for that attacking nation.

  • A class four nuclear capability comes from a terrorist group or a non-national entity who has no place in the governance of nuclear arms and does not want a participation in any nuclear agreement. These elements suggests no rules govern a nuclear group. It’s a one shot attack without accountability. There is no homeland or source in which to deal with its accountability. Delivery systems are primitive from a container ship to a semi-truck which could deliver a “bomb”. Retaliation would be difficult for any nation. A culture of neutralizing threats from terrorist would form and vindication would come from summarily eliminating “potential threats of persons” who may constitute the potential nuclear threat.

Nemo was a fish lost in the ocean searching for its friends and family, as Disney would want a following to accept in fun. However, things are very dangerous and goes beyond Nemo’s exploits. The point of this exercise is defining whose doing what to whom with some astonishing weapons of destruction. It could end life as we now enjoy. Nemo wouldn’t even know where Fukushima came from since a fish swims freely in a world of danger. We are all like Nemo swimming in a dangerous condition. North Korea has a bomb, and thus it can display an immature attitude at the expense of the whole planet. Launching four missiles simultaneously is an implied threat. Nations are using this demonstration in a dangerous game of leverage over another.

China is a North Korean partner. The US is a South Korean partner. The Philippines is a drift in the Chinese/Korean end of the Ocean as well as Japan. Somewhere in between lies US Guam who Kim Jung Um flaunts a missile launch towards. US Guam is threatened, by a "class three nuclear power". By the definitions above, the danger goes up as the classification level drops down, three is a very dangerous level of threat. The policy of mutual destruction does not apply to North Korea or the Terrorists for different reasons. So how can a solution be found?

Retaliation of any kind would involve a Chinese response. It would come out from China’s diplomatic corner it has placed itself into when considering face saving is a big part of what it does. The US can’t just invade, it can’t launch missiles for the sake of South Korea’s peace and there remains a potential escalation of war from a face saving Chinese response. 

The whole stand-off can be broken by an internal regime change in North Korea. Kim Jung Um has place himself in a precarious position with high stakes in play. He must go. North Korea internally must assist as China won’t intervene. North Korea today is 10,000 times more repressive than China. It would be in China’s and the US best interest by filling any regime change vacuum created in North Korea and stop being difficult with one another out of spite. Korea is no longer a potential partner in the world arena of nations. It is just a horrendous example of a repressed people who have lived 60 years as an enslaved humanity. This nation has Stockholm Syndrome and many of its leaders love the repression foisted upon its people.

  • Therefore, a regime change is a dangerous proposition which is the best answer in a bad situation for all involved. 

  • China needs to “supervise” North Korea when the mad men are removed from power. 

  • The US must restrain, but defend the South Korean nation. 

It will take a whole generation of time to solve the damage already done within the North Korean nation. China is best positioned to act as the parent to North Korea’s tantrums. If China won’t act, then it becomes a mere problem child as well. The US needs to lead China through with an amiable solution without having China’s face slapped. China must save face and transform North Korea at the same time. Let the natural selection process of society work-off the insanity out of its culture.

A class three nuclear arsenal is more dangerous than China’s own aspirations as a nuclear nation. It’s time to unravel the yarn and knit together a nation in its place. Defending Nemo is the goal and not jerking on the hook too long is a solution.