Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It Has Been Said, Emirates Will Buy 50-100 787's

But, the when and in what numbers are the mysteries. Based on many factors such as historical orders for Emirates, market conditions for expansion, and Boeing sweeteners for a big deal spells out opportunity for Emirates. In a humble opinion it can be stated that the mid point between 50-100 units is 75 units with options. Refining the proposition of how many 787's could be ordered, a settling number could be fifty 787-9's and Twenty-five 787-10's with another 50 options for 25 each of the 787 types making a Emirates deal. This would total 125 787's in play going forward with future options included. 

However, no one is talking about numbers only that a deal is settled upon and is to be announced at some future date. More speculation when an announcement will be made becomes the job of bloggers. Common sense and blogging sometimes becomes an oxymoron as sense and blogging are usually opposed to one another. The book count for Boeing 787's may surge in 2017 as earlier predicted by this blog. A target number in mind was for more than 50, 787's ordered in 2017. If and only if Emirates who is just down the road from Dubai shows up at its Airshow with spectacular Boeing news will the Winging It blogging finds its redemption.

Quote from Blog:

"This brings us to the point of what will happen in the wide body order market for 2017. The players are the 787, 777X and 747-8. The 747-8 is a scratch out as it fades gracefully into the horizon. The 777X has had a quiet period for some time and it will burst out 20 Singapore Airline orders with the 777-9X and then save Boeing's 787 wide body order year another of its 19 787-10's before years end. This is already written into a Letter of Commitments from customers. Only the final contract language remains to be completed with signatures included. Boeing should go plus fifty 787 orders in 2017 and then another 25 777 orders during the year. This does not even count on the Emirates order that could be completed at year's end. If it isn't confirmed during 2017, the Emirates status will be most definitely solved in 2018."

Winging It missed its prognostication of 50 and is short by 25 787's, as Boeing has booked 75, 787's YTD without even an Emirates order yet revealed.

The introductory paragraphs above is an update for the March 18, 2017 blog article. A bold prediction during 2017 orders moves toward 150 units on the books after the Dubai Airshow This indeed would be a blow to Airbus A350 aspirations at a critical time in the airplane market.

If 787 order assumptions are missed by Winging It, then the 75 787's already ordered is a great year and it troubles Airbus.