Sunday, July 2, 2017

Boeing 787 June Recap 2017

The post Paris Airshow numbers may not include all June  787 numbers until updates its website. Below are best information numbers which may not include all order transactions, but is correct on the production count. June made Boeing 787 count jump ahead of its book to bill ratio at a 1.15 rate exceeding the 1 to 1 desired ratio Boeing seeks for its 787 program. 

Boeing booked more orders for the year than it delivered to date. This ratio should go sub 1 ratio when more deliveries may exceed orders booked for the remainder of the year. Since 2012 Boeing has had a respectable Book to Bill ratio of .900 rounded. It has booked 57 less 787 than delivered during this span of time. 

Fig. 1

Below, Boeing missed its 12 units a month delivered guidance over 90 days of tracking, but did deliver 33 of its 787 during the 2nd quarter. The average fell below 12 down to 11 during the last 90 days. A good effort since the first half of the year is usually slower than the second half and Boeing has slowed its Charleston production while starting its testing of the 787-10 models after its various assembly line 787-10 first assembly interruptions.  


Fig. 3 The book to bill relationship quarter by quarter YTD 2017

Below is the 787 Program snapshot year by year where 710 are currently in backlog at this time.
Fig. 4

Fig. 5

The chart below reflects the growing production units where the 787-9 is taking hold of the program as the premier product for this family of wide bodied aircraft.

Fig. 6 Is another program snapshot of works-in-process and delivered units. A preponderance of 787-9 with 24 production units signals its dominance over the 787-8. The 787-10 has not yet begun its production run while it is still in testing. The 787-9 should remain the top contributor to this program throughout the 787 life cycle.