Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Boeing Meets Twelve 787 A Month For 90 Days

Acknowledging "All Things 787" for base data. Charts are created by Winging It for monthly recap. 

Below are fifty-three 787 delivered YTD. This suggests if Boeing delivers 12 more during June it will obtain Sixty-five 787 delivered at the halfway point during 2016 making for a 130 unit time for 2016. However, Boeing has a tentative eighteen 787 for delivery in June, thus opening up the strong possibility Boeing will meets its own guidance during 2016 delivering about 138 787 for the 2016 effort.

The 90 day moving average totals of 12 month, suggests Boeing has kept its guidance of twelve 787 a month on track during this period of time. Boeing has work to do going forward as it has depleted its production backlog for future month deliveries and has schedule a substantial number of units for both the months of June and July. If Boeing does meet its goal in June for 18 units and in July for 13 units, then it will demonstrate mastery over its production output for the 787.

The 787-9 has taken the production in a dominating way as it now out produces the 787-8 by almost a 2-1 pacing ratio during the last sixty days. The 787-8 production is dropping as fast as the 787-9 production is increasing as scheduled. The indication is the 787-9 is on a solid transition and also indicates the production does not have any noteworthy problems other than normal day to day issues resolved with-in each production cycle.

The 787-9 demonstrates a 2-1 advantage for in production units as demonstrated below.

Eighteen Are Scheduled For Delivery for June 2016 numbering 4 787-8's and 14 787-9's

Thirteen Are Scheduled For Delivery for July 2016 
Three 787-8's and 10 787-9's