Sunday, June 19, 2016

Iran and Boeing Order up 100 Aircraft

The point of this blog is not so much in the order placement, but by in the Boeing types in play. The view on Airbus/Iran order is a strong indicator of what Iran has ordered with Boeing's 100 aircraft order. The devil is always in the details:

Airbus/Iran Order for 118:

Covered in the historic Airbus accord are: 
21 A320ceo  
24 A320neo, 
27 A330ceo, 
18 A330-900neo, 
16 A350-1000s 
12 A380s. 

Total 118 

Now the Boeing probable (predicted) starting order lineup:

20 - 737-800 NG
25 - 737-800 Max
25 -787's 800/900 are fifty-fifty split.
25 - 777's classics and 777X
  5 - 767

Total 100

The prediction is based on Iran's need for immediate replacements and the 767 while meeting that objective as it goes to the head of the delivery line. Iranian pilots are capable handling the both the NG's and the 767 with minimal additional training.

The Max will be a works in progress for the next five years and then Iran will be ready for its emergence as its market absorbs the 737 NG's.

The 787-800 can jump to the head of the line sooner in production than the 787-900's which have a long wait. This allows Iran immediate fleet renewal and favorable pricing. Time and resources from Boeing are made available to Iran from a 787-800 selection. The order book will be a Boeing variety with each having significance for its future fleet growth and comparable with Airbus equipment ordered.