Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dog Days of Summer and Marx Brothers Plague KC-46

Scott Fancher is on board with the KC-46 probably before the summer started and the recent news has mentioned his appearance. Now that July is over we learn of bad fueling welds, miss labeled chemicals flushed through the KC-Tanker fuel tanks and lines. 

The rats are scurrying from the KC-46 shop. Its as if the Marx Brothers were in charge of the project before Fancher showed-up. Cost is a four letter word in Boeing's vernacular. 

Fancher probably has already said these words, "Cost-you, you're out-a-here". "Why don't you just Cost-off and ride the horse you rode into town with", as Francer wrung his hands. "You Mother-coster and so forth", I think you get the corporate sentiment brought to the factory floor. 

Fancher probably said to the fuel line sub contracting welders, don't let the hanger bay door hit you in the Bum on the way out. To the chemical label makers, he shouted "Graucho, Gummo,  Zeppo and Harpo, I have a job for you in Toulouse France!"

Not you are getting the sense, the Dog days of summer, comes with the AC turned way down. Have you ever seen a suit explode? It's not pretty, because they can explode your career, your family life style, and the boat to boot. If you let another sticky note "soap label" go on a sulfuric acid bottle, well it will dearly Cost You! Things are changing for Boeing in August. Starting today, a new sheriff is in Boeing town. The Pegasus project is pummeled into shape starting today. August 1, 2015.

Scott Fancher is On Mission possible, Pegasus
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