Friday, August 7, 2015

Boeing Orders Talks Smack, and Then Banks Deliveries During July 2015

In a summery, Boeing delivered 58 units of all types over Airbus number of 52. Those are cash register deliveries. In other news, Boeing smacked down Airbus with 101 orders for all types, totaling, $15.56 Billion in future revenue receipts, as compared with Airbus' smallish number in comparison. Its July orders are for 26 aircraft from all types, totaling 2.6 Billion in equivalent monetary valuation.

World Largest Aircraft Building At Boeing Everett
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The overshot of July with Boeing; it now holds the lead for the annual grand total on both orders and deliveries; at the end of one month past the midpoint in 2015 (Huh? July 31 , 2015). The 423 Boeing total book orders has breathed in a lead over Airbus' own 405 aircraft in total booked so far during 2015. I believe this to be the first official end of the month lead over Airbus for orders during 2015.  I'll check that out since it has been blurted out. Airbus has long held the 2015 order lead since January.

Boeing is well on its way of notching The World’s Largest Aircraft Manufacturer status over Airbus in 2015. Airbus made such a Big deal of obtaining that title during its few years it held that distinction, Winging It thought it take the "Tackiness Badge" away from Airbus bragging points, and start spouting about World's largest award in advance of any Boeing humility over the issue.

Winging It has purposefully been ramping-up the 2nd half of 2015 as a robust push by Boeing on all fronts of the equation. You may know it as the balance sheet equation. End of year predictions are going to be difficult from this peanut gallery position. Any attempt by an amateur from the nose bleed section should not be attempted. However, as far as the 787 are concerned I am still holding firm on about 100, 787 ordered and 130 787 delivered during 2015. The rest of the family has gone rouge for any actual guessing at this point so I am going to take a press view, and not say anything more until checked twice by unidentified sources.  

World's Largest Airplane as Depicted By Airbus In A Vision

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