Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Thing Is Known, China Doesn't Pay Attention To Paris Airshows

Ruili Airlines has reported it has signed off on 6.1 billion deal with Boeing for 60 Max 737's. The largest order booked this year for the single aisle aircraft with Boeing. Paris aside, China and Boeing are pressing the "book" as it comes forward per customer requests. In this case Ruili is too busy building its airline to worry about style points at Paris. No matter what happens during the Paris pomp and Airbus, the end of the year remains on December 31, and Boeing will post its numbers just the same.

Airshows are just for showing-off. Ruili is about moving forward quickly.

Financial Buzz:

"Ruili Airlines is a young airlines company in China that is already runs operations using five Boeing 737 aircraft. The other 60 are expected to be" completely delivered by 2025.

  The Max 737 has gained steam without the Paris affect playing on the "Book". This indicates more is in play for Paris then is currently known beforehand. It maybe a 787 show after -all.