Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Making Room For Seats In Your Airspace (Updated seat Graphic)

Airline tasking has multiple issues when buying the 787-9. It has more seats and more miles in its frame. New Zealand Air has to consider its competition from China, Singapore and the likes of Scoot in its arsenal of seats. New Zealand Air has had many years pondering over the influence the 787-9 brings to world of travel. It's down to where an Airline puts its seats in the Airline Space it has made during the preparation years prior to 787-9 delivery. Every move New Zealand Air makes the competitors who have a 787 will reciprocate and come to New Zealand offering its seats with different location arrangements. What a dilemma New Zealand Air must work through the acerbated problematic competition, Qantas is dithering on 50 787-9's for its play book. They are stacking poker chips high in anticipation of completing its option order later this year for about 50 787-9 Seat count not affirmed at this time.

Now comes the Jet Star 335 seat arrangement moving to and fro. How big is the Airspace over the region. Budding routes are starting to blossom with the Untied States from China in greater number than US Airlines  have been able to reciprocate. This found in a recent article discussing China has out paced the US in its seat for seat travel connections between the two competitors. China comes in to the US and returns to China with more passengers than US can keep up with.

With this chart, it demonstrates the seat density expansion with the 787 family of aircraft. When orders are all filled, it will have 87,932 daily seats available. Air New Zealand has noticed this too, as its market footprint goes from Chile to all of the South pacific. The regions competitors are also fishing for destinations which have not reached full market potential. China based Airlines are going for replacing its already established destinations with its new 787 equipment. Even though the Kiwi only have 3 787-9 at this time, they will want to focus on priming the operation for efficient service as its competitive edge. There are literally thousands of 787 opportunity for all regions. New Zealand has too few  787-9 to combat the coming onslaught. China likes New Zealand for its people, places and things. I estimate there are about 90 flying 787 plying the skies with all competitors and there are about 220 more 787 in all types ,coming to the region with about 66,000 more seats.

Even though the aircraft coming will replace older seats in service, there is an obvious expansion in passenger traffic in the region without counting US operators. As United and American Airlines who are now looking for new 787-9  opportunities for expansion,  they will come in force along with LAN's aspirations for the region. New Zealand's head start  of 3 787-9's is being dwarfed by the upcoming onslaught from the above players listed. They, South East Asia are also occupied elsewhere from going down under. It will significantly impact the region even more with some daily flight destinations as they compete with its 787 equipment dispatched  both to Australia and New Zealand. The airlines are going to everywhere in particular for the profits with its 787's.