Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIA Makes LAX Fly -Over Country

What's in an airport can be some crazy stuff. Denver International has a cult following suggesting a connection with the Rocky Mountains via an under ground  system. Being in DIA, and exploring its uniqueness can leave one to wonder could this be true. With the New World Order in tow, a moving sidewalk which can express your way through a terminal concourse.

The DIA Primer: Makes this the most intriguing Airport America Has
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Its statuary

Murals that need no Explanation

More to it than meet the Eye
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Below is this depiction
Quoted explanation:

"The next mural no doubt expresses world peace, however notice the nations are giving their weapons to the German boy in the blonde hair and gray jacket who is “beating their swords into plowshares”. Notice the nations of the world turn their national flags and sovereignty over to the boy? He destroys the weapons of war with a hammer (hammer & sickle). He is the world leader who brings peace through communism to a war torn world. This is who I think resembles PRINCE WILLIAM!"

The bigger point about DIA is with its 787. They (787) moved the coast of California inland another 1,200 miles. Denver is LAX without a beach nearby.  It has more space than Manhattan Island. I have traveled often through the terminals of DIA, and spent lay-over time riding the underground rail system while plane hopping and gawking at murals asking why? Then I read on the internet, which is the final authority on anything crazy, about its mural statues and plaques. Sound sinister, doesn't it at 2:00 am during my seat watching-waiting for the ride out to everywhere.

LA is nice place to fly over going from Denver to the Orient. Its entertaining viewing the lavish DIA art gallery. It seems the Airport has a greater purpose than being the Middle American airport as the viewer ponders. How Denver has become Washington DC of the west, with all its federal facilities dotting the Denver Landscape? Perhaps there is some  truth about a secret under ground subway from DIA to NORAD in the Rockies. Next time visiting DIA  watch what's around you its a grand place where it's all happening. 

Image result for Denver International Airport Satanic symbols