Saturday, May 2, 2015

Boeing Has Spies? (NSA Update added)

So says thin skinned Airbus. Spying really! So do bears do-do in the woods? Airbus is a Clever Pot calling Boeing nothing more than a Black ops Kettle. As 24/7 Wall Street  brought the Germans into the conversation; those same Germans who build jointly with the A380 and the A350 and the A320 are an accomplice in this matter (By now the use of the word "and" is stacking up in Boeing's favor).
"Airbus has filed a complaint against the German government, alleging that it complied with requests by the U.S. National Security Agency to spy on European countries and businesses. The aircraft maker said that it wants information from the German government about the allegations that have been reported in the German media."

The New York Times cited a statement from Airbus:
"We are aware that as a major player in this industry we are a target for intelligence activities. In this particular case there appears to be a reasonable suspicion of alleged industrial espionage. We are alarmed by this."
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Hey Sherlock this is a "no S***" condition Red. Airbus thinks it has spies in its very own spy nest! The Germans are to blame. The US is involved. Its NSA, NASA, and Everett Wa. coming from the west with Dorothy at the helm. Throw in a few more Munchkins and Airbus is on to something big, errr (little).

The Emerald city is in chaos with this news. Holy Scarecrow Batman, Seattle/Chicago has done it again!

First its,  "We've got nothing to do before the Paris Airshow Airbus, so lets run with this on its corporate news day".

NSA (Nay Sayers Anonymous) Quote:

"What we do not do, as we have said many times, is use our foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of – or give intelligence we collect to – U.S. companies to enhance their international competitiveness or increase their bottom line."

Note the use of the NSA double DO! It is not a double negative, do you not Know, Its still do-do in the woods.

Hey doesn't Boeing have an online Library card anybody can use checking out national secrets for public dissemination from the NSA? I thought all NSA information is public information anyways. If I'm wrong let me know, then  I shouldn't be getting all these Boeing/Airbus memos from NSA regarding its super secret commercial technology. If, I up my registration fee for the NSA subscription, could I get military "Information"? 

"Update!" NSA just called me and corrected my premise above where "NSA information is public information anyways". I am told by undisclosed sources, I misquoted the NSA! A correction is in order for the NSA remark by Winging It. "All information from the Public is NSA's information". I stand corrected and apologized, we're good now.

Lucky me, I'm broke and complaining. :)
Then comes the German "BND" (But Not Deutschland)

"German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung said Thursday that there was only sporadic evidence of industrial espionage. Primary targets of the surveillance by BND were high-ranking officials in France and the European Commission. (Translation by Google Translate)  Thanks google you were a help in this serious matter.
Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders told CNN, “Nobody knows right now what the truth is. If there’s so much smoke, I guess there must be fire someplace.”

I personally can't stop laughing. It's better than sit-com TV.

The biggest European snobs can't wrap its arms around the claim of espionage from Boeing and "The Germans". Its down to the evidence of a used bus ticket stub ( I forgot those are now electronic), and some finger prints on a Newspaper found in the garbage. Airbus is "Sleepless about Seattle" or it's "Passing a big windy in Chicago", pee-yew: puteo... "piu," and so forth . Seeing green little people from Oz and munchkins running about in its dreams is causing the Airbus team some wing-nut cracks. Its right before Paris! I made the rule, "no stupid news within 60 days before the Paris event", and now this!  Nobody listens to me! Airbus PR you are all fired. Even if Donald Trump said it. Y-o-u . A-r-e . F-i-r-e-d!