Sunday, September 21, 2014

Qatar's A-380 Is A Full Load For Passengers

Qatar receives its first A-380 and there is a full pictorial review of The Qatar touch enclosed in the online article. Since the A-380 has space it uses space from 18.5 inch wide seats for 461 economy, 32 inch pitch, or short hand note as 18.5 x 32.  First class is 23" X 90" flat bed, and the 22" x 80" flat bed Business Class.

First Class suite with eight seats 23" X 90"

Business Class 22" X  90"

Head on View Business Class 22" X 80"

Economy below decks and at the stern of upper deck, 18.5" X 32"
Its Time to show Economy 18.5 X 32

You have room and you have lots of seats for 517. Now let's go fly on some 787's anywhere else the A-380 doesn't have a landing permit.