Friday, September 5, 2014

LOT Airlines Experiences, "The Dreamliner Effect"

The Dreamliner is building an impressive list of financial make-overs. The reports keep flowing out of various financial statements how respective airlines have managed to go in the black do to its expert measures taken for pulling it out of Red Pool of financial loss, then comes the caveat word "787". Those financial execs hope no one notices that little descriptor as they, themselves, are seeking hefty bonuses for their financial acumen. But there it is, the 787, a eight hundred pound Gorilla sitting in the backroom of accounting stacking coins Below is my "Difference Making" list of rehabbed airlines who coincidentally fly the 787.
  • Ethiopan
  • LOT
  • Air India

Yes, even Air India has gained significant ground on the bottom line and its breakeven point.

LOT Polish Airlines Is Now In The Black

"Aviation Pros Quote"
"LOT owes its positive results to continuous transitions. The carrier continues to improve the quality of services, launch new products, expand its portfolio and approach new passenger groups.
LOT has also increased its transit capacities by as much as 40%, meaning passengers travelling via Warsaw are able to change more comfortably on their way to other cities in Poland and destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.
2014 marks the first year of the "Dreamliner's effect".  The first LOT Boeing 787 jets started flying in June with now all long-haul flights operated with Dreamliners since August. This aircraft is not only popular among the passengers, but brings tangible benefits, such as fuel savings.
In July 2014, the European Commission made a positive decision about LOT.  The Restructuring Plan was approved and public aid was granted. The restructuring process of the company will end at the end of 2015. Until that time, LOT may not operate new flights. However, the first new flights are to be announced at the beginning of 2015."