Thursday, September 18, 2014

1,013 Net Boeing Orders Before End of 3rd Quarter

  • 67 Unidentified 737's
  • 5 Avalon  737's
  • 6 Avalon 787's
  • Total Booked 78 units

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Orders through September 16, 2014
2014 Net Orders7291259241013
Air Algerie1010
Air Canada6161
Alaska Airlines66
All Nippon Airways261440
BOC Aviation80282
Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)2114
Cargolux Airlines11
CIT Leasing Corporation1010
COPA Airlines22
Eastern Air Lines1010
Intrepid Aviation66
Jackson Square Aviation33
Japan TransOcean Air66
MG Aviation Limited22
Nok Air1515
Okay Airways Company Limited1010
Qatar Airways5050
SunExpress Airlines4040
Turkish Airlines1515
Turkmenistan Airlines33
Unidentified Customer(s)47118489
United States Navy1616
2014 Gross Orders7891259331082
2014 Net Orders7291259241013
With only the fourth quarter remaining for booking sales, its on course for successive banner years. Having the China Needs Market Report for the next twenty years stand at 6,010, the Boeing case is made, and it is well on to something. Airbus had the the first decade during this 21st century. Boeing is staking out the second decade. Where it's completing just the fourth year of this ten year segment, it takes the lead for aircraft innovation and manufacturing.

It is capable of receiving 250 more orders for all types, by years end. As there are usually a flurry of commitments turned orders, and final deals brokered during the 4th quarter. An expectation for all model types would be included in this 2014 final quarter sales/bookings prediction. Yet to come are: outstanding bookings including Ryan Air's fleet of 787 MAX-200's with additional options. That order is in the finalization mode. Not guessing who the unidentified 67, 737's, there also remains a pool of 737 from other commitments during 2014, that may pull the trigger for an order finalization before years end. It is soundly conceivable, the fourth quarter expectation for a 250 order mark is not an exaggeration.

However, if this year ended today, the 1,013 order mark becomes a remarkable year in itself, since Boeing is producing 600+ plus units a year, they will backlog or fall back further by another 400 units as production capacity cannot keep up with orders. The backlog count increases when subtracting average yearly delivery numbers from annual orders. If this prediction comes even close to 250 additional 4th Qtr. orders, then incremental change or the backlog number would increase to a larger 650 unit number for the year, against its current production rate. Boeing may end the year with a theoretical 1,263 orders booked or more.

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