Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dabbling Spreadsheets Airbus Boeing

Below is some spreadsheet doodling’s from reliable sources outside of Boeing.

The snapshot below will be used each month recapping many of the quick and dirty details regarding the commercial airplane competition between Airbus and Boeing.

Items of interest as follows:

·      Backlog value as of January 1, 2017
·      YTD orders added by both in units and corresponding $dollar values updated each period.
·      Total recap of Backlog units as they stand within 2017 YTD point in time.
·      2017 having the total value of both makers backlog charted.
·      A Book to Bill Ratio going forward after all orders and deliveries are accounted during the YTD 2017 periods.

    Below are January numbers included and a few February numbers as tested for this spreadsheet. The chart should be self explanatory as is viewed. Boeing data includes both months of January complete and the YTD February numbers from its website. However Airbus is derived from January numbers only. A month to month posting will have both makers on  the same page as data is made available during the following first week of the next month's reporting. Enjoy following this data through out the year.

 Fig. 1: YTD Backlog units and Book value for Boeing and Airbus Commercial Aviation progress.