Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Boeing Builds Sales After Farborough

The Boeing company with its customers have announced significant sales post Farnborough event. On July 27, 2016 it was announced that Malaysia Airlines have ordered twenty-five/25 with options 737 Max 8's (total 50) for about $2.75 billion and another six 787-9's to Xiamem  for about 1.4 billion at list prices. The total order book helps the Boeing 787 2016 order outlook, as the 787 has garnered a solid number during 2016 with a net thirty-five Dreamliners booked year to date.

Winging It chart:

This puts Boeing ahead of Airbus for the year after garnering a net 425 single aisle during this year to date even though Airbus had an extremely strong Farnborough sales tally coming from its single aisle reports. Boeing, none the less, maintains a single aisle sales lead for 2016 year to date bookings. It is also noted Malaysia Airlines ordered an additional 25 on option making a total of fifty 737 Max in play even though only twenty-five 737's will be booked at this time.

The 787 orders received a shot in the arm as both Ruili and Xiamen have both ordered six each 787-9's during Farnborough, and then since Farnborough respectively. A total of a net thirty-five 787's have been ordered this year even though Boeing has not updated its order book on its website to date. By month's end Boeing should reflect all changes on its website from post Farnborough sales activities.