Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump Take Aways During 787-10 Introduction

Donald Trump showed both style and substance today in a unique back drop of the 787-10 parked outside the giant factory doors at Boeing Charleston SC facility. The site will be the only producer of the 787-10. It is the last in a series of 787 models to be built. Unlike the July 7, 2007 roll out of its sibling, 787-8, this could fly within a few months as all systems are real and live at this point of production. It just needs to be tested for Quality assurance purposes and then lit up for first flight.

The first roll out in Everett, Wa. was not a paper aircraft but more of a plastic airplane where the Charleston example is a genuine airplane with the President of the United States cheering along with the 5,000 plus Boeing employees seated in the massive hall made for airplane production.

Boeing Chief CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, was in his exuberant demeanor of sell, sell, sell mode; made it clear he was proud of the Boeing accomplishment and believes in his employees who put this key member of the 787 family together. It will seat 330 passengers as designed and more as airline customers may adjust interiors when pushing the 787-10 limits.

Image result for Trump 787-10
Left to right: President Trump, Dennis Mullenburg and 787-10 background. Boeing Employees foreground.

President Trump took the opportunity of validating/reminding about his campaign promises for jobs, American industrial expansion, and world trade conditions for which the Boeing Corporation must compete in an international environment. No mention of the recent IAM union vote failure this week as it was expected a "no vote" the South Carolina region. The comparison with Everett, Wa is stark as the unions in the Northwest represent most of Boeing's airplane workers. The battle line is between Union made verses the competitive ad hoc human resources made found within the south. This is Charleston's first test for building a new version of the 787 all on its own. The factory assembly becomes an important test as much as the fly-away testing.