Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Farnborough Air Show Through Day Three Orders (Updated)

July 13th from England's show, Boeing has steady order climb even though Airbus stole the show with a mega order for its A-321 type from a Malaysia carrier. The Boeing group is still in it to win it for 2016. They have added a broad sampling of aircraft from the announcement category.

The numbers are incomplete as they come from different sources, and Winging It does not have all the facts up-to-date. However, WI relied on Randy's Journal for ciphering out a meaningful tally after completing day three at Farnborough Air Show. The estimated dollar amount has been assign on the tally sheet using list prices with US billions based on list prices. I am on vacation in Montana and spent a marvelous week bonding with the mountains once more and then checked a few items off my bucket list even at that. Thanks to "All Things 787" Blog numbers have been updated.

Boeing Tally:

Okay I'll do Airbus if I have to, I guess. :(

Airbus: Wins!!! The Sand Bagged Order Count and Value