Friday, June 17, 2016

Thinning Out The 787 Order Book

Many Boeing customers have already taken a plethora of orders through initial delivery and some have not delivered even one order suggesting they make the list of zero Boeing 787 deliveries to date. Hence they make my deeper list of the "what's up with that", or the list of potential customers from limbo.

They have earned the "Chartreuse Order of the Soft Question Mark". Taking data from "All Things 787" page. Then I have isolated the zero delivery list of Boeing's 787 customers, and from that list, I wonder if they will ever deliver having the questionable color of chartreuse?

The white coded customer are solid and should deliver into the future, where the color becomes a questionable Boeing order, but "should" deliver anyways. Knowing Aeroflot has tried to bail out on Boeing, the order remains on the books. The unidentified customer is surrounded in mystery by its own nature of not knowing the customer by reputation. The Republic of Iraq is a customer in a volatile part of the world where money, peace and war provides a very inconsistent environment and future delivery is not assured by those local conditions. Color coded Unidentified customers remain uncertain by not enough information available to rate a certainty for delivery. 

The fact is the zero delivery list is made up by 787-8 and 787-9 types only since the 787-10 has yet to begin its delivery. Boeing is five years into the delivery program for the 787, and having customers not ever receiving certain types of 787 or none at all, puts them into the spotlight of when first delivery will occur! 

The white coded lines are for customers who already have production aircraft scheduled or other types delivered. Uzbekistan Airways does have scheduled production slots but the few number ordered and its region makes an uncertainty until production actually starts on its two aircraft. They have never received a 787 to date.

El Al could have a questioned delivery time since its a volatile region and conditions do change quickly, but it remains on schedule to receive its first dream-liner. Geopolitical condition do affect several customers not because of an airlines solid reputation, but because of conditions beyond an airlines control, and it may place an order even in jeopardy of its delivery sometime into the future. This is not an exact prediction, but does demonstrate Boeing has some risks at the back of its order book.