Friday, September 4, 2015

The Silver Bullet Kills Four Engine Monsters

Recently, Boeing  has closed its 777X design phase, so it can proceed with its build of the first of its type. The 777X will be well suited to fit inside of all 747-8 slots at the jet way. It will carry similar passenger groupings within high density market demand, with over 400 passengers. The 747-8i typically carries under 400 passengers on the majority of its routes. The 777-9X could become an Air Force One for some nation's security plans its so large and can fly so far.
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In 2013 Boeing knew the handwriting on the wall for its 747-8 program. It was spiraling downward and would have remnant aircraft orders by 2020. Currently it is taking a production step downward where it will go to about one a month. The 747-8F program received a note from management that four were cancelled by Japan Airlines due to consideration for its own needs for freight traffic. The freight segment is Boeing's most robust order engine for the 747.

The 777-9X will seat at least 400 passengers with a superwide cabin with larger, higher windows when it begins production in 2017.
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The A-380 has finally stagnated its order book as it stalled order expansion by 2013  as well. Airports can't reconfigure fast enough to except new numbers for its type. A Boeing observation made before the first A-380 was ever delivered. The aircraft had its own market constraint. It was set up for failure from the start. However, Airbus made bank on promoting its ego with the World's largest passenger airplane for the last decade.  The stalled Airbus order book for the A-380 has no airport support.

This brings us to the 777-9X where in a few years since its announcement in 2013, it has again made  year 2013 stick out, where over 300 hundred of the 777X types has been ordered, matching the venerable A-380 with its 10 year order book in only two years. Only fifty -Five A-380 have been ordered since 2013.

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The 400 million dollar aircraft has set its production anchor with a design freeze and parts making has started for the first of many aircraft rolling forward. Its wing plant is a shell, but rapidly reaching its construction climax. The program progress has reported its progress wheel is turning "oh so slowly, but proceeding oh so finely".
Tim Clark CEO Emirates
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