Tuesday, September 15, 2015

KC-46 Will Have An Air Force Problem Reveal Next Week (Updated \ Video)

Not only is the KC-46 on the docket for next week’s military problem reveal, the F-35 often criticized program will be there too. It’s perhaps the most important discussion coming from the US Air Force affecting the US military industrial complex in a long time. The stock market will parse and analyze words spoken.

Aviation junkies must memorize these Air Force names, Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan for the F-35, and Brig. Gen. Duke Richardson for the KC-46. They hold sway over the future of these two critical programs. They have been tasked with oversight and act as the canary in the mine if something falls short of delivering what was promised.

Many doubts are raised about the F-35 meeting and exceeding fourth generation fighters such as the F-16 and other foreign adversarial fighter airframes. 

What is purported on the F-35:

General Mark A Welsh III: AFA conference
Chief Of Staff USAF Washington, DC

Counters these arguments listed below and makes the F-35 case during the video.
Check The 36:12 minute mark on video about the F-35 Program Status.

Standard complaints offered on the sideline:

  • Its falls short to the F-16 in air to air close combat.
  • It has had encountered too many program faults
  • It will not have close combat air superiority over the latest generation foreign fighters
  • It compromised its air frame, giving up performance for both STOVL and Carrier based fighter configuration for the Navy and Marines. One concept does not always fit all.
  • Concurrency is a Military STD on its building complex. 
This now brings us to the Boeing KC-46 Air Force Report Card. The fixed cost has been an impediment to Boeing trial and error approach during development, with a follow-on air tanker from a commercial frame. Its error margin is already gone when installing critical systems. When delivery time is a key element for the military, it becomes a key cost to the supplier (Boeing) to make it on time.

  • The KC-46 needs and error free flight test period
  • The Air Force Should Tell Us straight Up Were The KC now stands
  • Boeing can deliver and succeed on this key project but it will take an investor hit because of it.
The Air Force Presentation next week will sway the Boeing stock market one way or another, when it comes to the KC-46 project. Lockheed's F-35 won't have a final answer until it goes to combat someday. However, early reports indicate the Marines have a winner. It is not known how well the F-35 super-secret internals will buy back many advantages in aerial combat, or how it can be used as an interface within the total combat arena assisting old technology.

Its multi-systems and pilot helmet controls can help fourth generation fighters with what they lack in the combat arena. The F-35's stealth gives it a longbow advantage for incoming fighters 100 miles out. Close combat may not be its specialty, but its added combat values nullify the need for close combat encounters. The Air Force must learn how to leverage the F-35 technology into air superiority, and that may take hands-on and brains-on time in the cockpit. The military has to catch up to this technology and not look back at the old paradigm of the F-16 as the role model. This is a different animal.

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