Saturday, September 5, 2015

Boeing Builds Worlds Largest Airplane (errrh Twin Engine)

Every headline I take with a grain of salt as misleading. The recent Headline oft repeated Goes like this:

Boeing 777-9X: World's Biggest Jet 

This example of a headline is balderdash in the back pasture. So let's get this straight from the get go, we are talking "Twin Engine People", quoted from Yosemite Sam's cartoon series. The engines are bigger with two identical cans hung from the enormous wing which extend 235 feet in unflappable symmetry. Did you know the engine cowling leading edge will have Laminar Flow Technology, patented by Boeing and shared with GE. For those who don't care, I'll explain it anyways because you stumbled onto Winging It. Start with dimples on golf balls which make 'em fly further on the driving range with your new monster headed driver making you into an Arnold Palmer. Go to the aircraft body maker and lifting surface gurus and they say we've done it and patented it already. Boeing put edges on the Horizontal and Vertical leading edges and have done some golf-ball like tricking on its 787-9's and next the 787-10 model. 

They call it the Laminar Flow Technology Prominently Installed Somewhere Serious (LFT-PISS). Remember the old Spoilers on some race cars in the 70's with those awful looking wings welded, bolted, or glued on the back of a car. They called those "Spoilers". The really spoiled the looks of a race car on a short track. Laminar flow is now added to the Jet engine opening reducing drag, and you can't even really see it unless you are a maintenance guy with a scrub brush looking for bug splotches on certain surfaces. Digress I must, because people are expecting something World's Largest to happen, but it really bugs me about any headline pimping and bugs have to be accounted for in such an airplane as Boeing is building. They are going from a fly paper airplane to fly swatter sized Airbus smasher with its new 777X build. When they start making parts it's no longer a fly-paper airplane, it will include the LiftnPiss system.

Moving forward with intellectual commentary is the sole source of any humor. Boeing has Sole Sourced the 77X trump card thrown down on the industry. Everyone in the industry is blinking feverishly at the concept. You don't build a Wing Plant in Everett Washington state unless you are holding nothing but Aces as Trump cards in the game of Airplane poker. Say Goodbye A-350-1000 and say good-bye, dare I say, A350-900, as Boeing backhands them with a better product. Wide Body buyers are stunned. They bought Airbus already, hook line and sinker. Fleet renewal just took on a new definition from the 777X. It will replace the following aircraft in the next order round for all customers. The 747, A350-1000, A350-900, and A380 as the 777X will fit into nearly all high density airports.

Boeing has maximize the Twin Engine Concept (TEC). It’s the final pin Boeing has inserted into the Airbus Voodoo doll, ouch.  TEC is here to stay and four engines is so 1950's for both big and small types. 

Image result for four engine 1950's aircraft
Late 1950's Boeing 707