Thursday, July 23, 2015

Scoot Has Started Its Own Purge Line With The 787

Clear from Boeing's 787 Surge line out of Everett's Mega Building, Scoot Airlines has started its own Purge Line. It is administering a holistic approach, by replacing each of its family of existing larger aircraft with an exclusivity for Boeing 787 models. They are taking in one 787 a month since the first of the year in 2015. July, Scoot received its first 787-8, the smaller of the two currently available Boeing models. It has already received five 787-9's.

Image result for scoot 787-8

The last 777-200  Scoot operates will go away by late August 2015, while more 787 are on the way. The surge/purge will result in a total of Ten 787-9's, and Ten 787-8's, as the company expands by becoming an all 787 fleet of twenty. This purging of the old inventory, and its 787 expansion will represent a first with what the 787 model can do for a business plan in total. Boeing's marketing talking points can use Scoot's 2016 financial results, having a true picture what the all 787 fleet does to an Airline's Bottom line.

Budget Airlines beware, Scoot has your number.