Friday, July 10, 2015

Holy Take-Off Batman, Another Fifty 767 300F For Boeing Is Hanging: NOW CONFIRMED (Updated)!!!!

Yes, you heard it hear first if you are an astute reader. Boeing is in talks with FedEx for 50 767 Freight types. The 767 has long been a FedEx stalwart for moving freight 24/7. It can hold tons and fly reliably as a FedEx package comes to your door. Because that package probably rode in a 767. Talks are ongoing at this time suggesting an announcement is in the offing.


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That's 50 confirmed 767F's and plus an additional 50 options on the 767 in the Fedex order play, Batman.

"SINGAPORE (Reuters) - FedEx Corp <FDX.N>, the world's largest cargo firm, has signed a deal to buy 50 additional Boeing Co <BA.N> 767-300 freighters in the biggest order ever for the plane, allowing the aircraft maker to extend its production line well into the next decade.
The deal, announced in a statement by the U.S. cargo operator, includes options for another 50 767Fs and is worth $9.97 billion at list prices. Customers typically receive an undisclosed discount off the list prices.
FedEx said the aircraft will be delivered by Boeing for its FedEx Express arm over the fiscal years 2018-2023. The latest deal brings FedEx's firm orders for 767Fs to 106 and extends the company's drive to modernize its fleet."

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I will now defer to the real report: 

Boeing Co Might Beat Airbus Group If It Signs FedEx Corporation Order Of 50 Jets

Remember these important facts about FedEx:

  • 767 trained FedEx mechanics, pilots and ground support
  • 767 reliability
  • Boeing's need for a 767 build process as it develops the KC-46 program
  • FedEx business model built around its Boeing equipment
  • A FedEx sweet price from Boeing

Fifty, 767 sounds like a fleet renewal and expansion jump, as freight market has begun a surge since freight growth continued being neutral during the last five years. The FedEx order can't come soon enough for either Boeing or FedEx. Boeing will sign the FedEx order request with a few caveat edits FedEx can live with.

Here are important “Bidness ETC” quotes:

"Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) is currently lagging in booking orders of commercial jets compared to rival Airbus Group (OTCMKTS:EADSY). However Boeing announced recently that it has received an order of 50 single-aisle 737 jets from China Easters Corp valued at approximately $4.6 billion.

Boeing also announced that it was in talks with FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) to sign another deal of around 50 767 freighters valued at approximately $10 billion. If Boeing receives FedEx’s order of 50 jets it would beat Airbus in booking most commercial jet orders. FedEx operates a fleet of 378 jets including 102 Boeing 757-300s, 23 Boeing 767-300s with an additional 37 jets on pending order."

There you have it. A Boeing second half performance is starting to gain some steam. Not including some 787 yet to be announced, there will be some more surprises coming forward much to Boeing's style and its liking, as they remark, "I love it when a plan(e) comes together"!