Sunday, July 12, 2015

Boeing Feature Film Short

It is not talked about much in the news cycle. But it needs its own daily spot. The 737 Max project is behind closed doors and its hard to get a look. So Boeing. Com has provided pleasant movie clips of its airplanes and advances. In the middle of the entourage of its professional technology of self-commercials, one finds the lowly Max having its own slot. Below is the clip for your Monday Morning work stoppage with a cup of Seattle’s Best coffee.

What inspires the blogger is the continuous improvement mode Boeing has embraced from the very beginning of the 737 program. It wasn't so long ago that I remember the 737 having some stability problems with its very first models. The years went by and here we are today thinking why is Boeing trying to make that same 737 concept better? The answer is easy to find it in the NG. That particular generation actually captured and replicated its original vision for single aisle aircraft. Boeing did not want to change success. It wanted to build on success. In the video it talks about the original winglet, giving 3-4% more efficiency to the 737. The advanced technology winglet builds on another 1.5% efficiency to the 737.

The new upgraded 68" engine, the CFM Leap 1-B performance benchmarks, where not much specified, until it is officially confirmed from the  new Leap 1-B engine tests. It won't be until its developmental testing on the GE 747 test bed is completed and validated. 

However, what is known while flying under wing, it has achieve its promised benchmark claimed at the outset of the programs announcement. Boeing stated objective was a 6% improvement over the NG engine configuration. The current status of the test engine performance put the Boeing original objective statement with a big "achieved" stamped on the paperwork. Now its time to really refine the details with advanced technology winglets, and other projected benchmarks, which contribute to the over-all 737 Max efficiency. 

Boeing has increased the number of passengers it can carry on routes, having expanded during airline recent travel growth. The 737-8 Max can carry 189 passengers. A very important number of seats available for most busy travel pairs. In fact Ryan Air has ordered a plethora of 737-200C (100), which will make high density travel availability with the single aisle routes, a true value for the passenger. 

When Boeing completes the Max it will have optimized the 737 program since its inception. Boeing will continue its progression in the single aisle type with the next "big single aisle moon shot". It will incorporate all lessons learned from the 787 and 777X programs. In the year 2030, Boeing will be ready to announce a fast track program ready for delivery by 2035 of an all new single aisle that will please everyone including the basketball team.

Referenced Article

"Southwest Airlines will get the first delivery of the 737 Max in 2017 while flydubai may be the second or third airline to take its first 737 Max 8 same year. Photo by Abdul Basit

The 737 Max will deliver the big savings in fuel that airlines require for the future according to top executives of Boeing Company.

The 737 Max promises to be 20 per cent more fuel-efficient than the current 737 and to have operating costs that are eight per cent lower than its nearest competitor Boeing says.

When compared to a fleet of 100 of today’s most fuel-efficient airplanes this new model will emit 305000 fewer metric tonnes of carbon dioxide and save more than 215 million pounds of fuel per year which translates into more than 112 million in cost savings. The 737 Max 8’s fuel use is expected to be eight per cent lower than the A320neo per seat.

US aeroplane makers have started building its first 737 Max single-aisle jetliner on schedule which is an important milestone for a new plane model that accounts for nearly half of the Boeing’s plane orders.

“The first 737 Max is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and begin flights tests next year. Customers will begin receiving the aircraft in the third quarter of 2017” Marty Bentrott senior vice-president of sales for the Middle East Russia and Central Asia told Khaleej Times recently.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines will get the first delivery of the 737 Max in the third quarter of 2017 according to Bentrott.

Flydubai will be probably the second or third airline to take the delivery of the 737 Max 8. The Dubai-based carrier will get five 737 Max in 2017.

The first wing spars large structural pieces that run perpendicular to the fuselage were loaded into drilling and riveting machines on May 29 beginning the building process according to Keith Leverkuhn vice-president and general manager of the 737 Max programme.

The US Company is adding more automated machines as it begins assembly of the Max and as it prepares to increase production to 52 of its 737s a month in 2018 from 42 a month now.

Some of the newest machines which began making wings for current generation 737s in March automate about 90 per cent of the wing assembly process up from 70 per cent on older legacy machines that Boeing has used for decades Boeing said.

Boeing’s newest family of single-aisle aeroplanes — 737 Max 7 737 Max 8 and 737 Max 9 — will build on the Next-Generation 737’s popularity and reliability while delivering customers unsurpassed fuel-efficiency in the single-aisle market.

Last year the programme launched the 737 Max 200 a new variant based on the 737 Max 8 that can accommodate up to 200 seats increasing revenue potential and providing customers up to 20 per cent better fuel efficiency per seat than today’s most efficient single-aisle airplanes.

Maximum efficiency"